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20 Hanging Wedding Décor Ideas We Have Fallen For

March 10, 2018

Love is in the air, so are these hangings!

We have talked a lot about wedding décor such as stage, drapes, fairy lights, centerpieces, swings, flowers, you name it! Today, we have collected entirely new ideas to dish up more for your wedding décor. With the new décor ideas popping up at weddings, people naturally expect something unique for their wedding decor. These eye-catching ideas will help you achieve an insta-worthy look for your wedding reception. The biggest benefit of incorporating hanging décor at a reception is that they are a budget-friendly DIY option; an alternative to expensive décor elements. Not only on a wedding day, but you can add these hangings to your Mehendi and Mayun as well. Let’s find out these spellbinding ideas:

Whether you choose amazing lanterns or delicate crystals, we assure you these hanging décor ideas will make your guests remember your wedding. if you are lucky to get married this year, be an inspiration to everyone and try these décor ideas. Stay tuned with us for more inspirational ideas!