Secrets To Sweat-Proofing Your Summer Makeup

May 4, 2017

As summer approaches we imagine experiencing so many wonderful things, but melting foundation, runny mascara and sticky lipstick are definitely not among them.

Fighting the sun, humidity and all the other summer woes can be really frustrating. We all want our makeup to stop bleeding, fading or running to places it’s not supposed to, which never really seems to be happening. Arm yourself with the right tricks to kick all these woes away. Follow these amazing secrets for a perfect makeup look even when the sun sizzles.

Remember The Primer

Primer is like that neglected middle child in the world of makeup that we keep forgetting about. It’s time to show some love to this long ignored makeup product that actually works wonders. A pea-sized drop of an oil-free primer and your makeup is all set for the day.

Go Waterproof

Ice cream is the only thing that should melt this summer. Stay the bombshell that you are by switching to waterproof mascara and eyeliner.

Skip The Shimmer

Humidity and the heat are already going to make your face slightly shiny. Overdoing the shimmer will only turn the nice shine into a sweaty-looking mess. Avoid the creamy foundations and go light on the highlighter.

Keep Things Light

‘Less is more’ – mantra you should be chanting every morning before your makeup routine. When you put layers of foundation on your face, they like to crease, cake and move around when it’s hot. The best way to avoid looking cakey is to wear a thin layer of makeup.

Try The Tint

You’ve tossed the heavy matte lipstick out the window and switched to the glossy fun. But even the lip gloss is not fun anymore and you’re left baffled after discovering how it gets runny and sticky in the summer. Worry not my friend! Tinted lip balm and stains are here for the rescue. They won’t turn into mush on your lips and will last long on hot days.

Blot It Out

Instead of fishing out a face powder every two hours from your bag and caking your face with extra layers of it, keep a pack of blotting sheets handy. Dab over your face to get rid of any built up oil without messing your makeup.

Don’t let the sunny days of sweet summer work against you and follow these tips to perfect, sweat-proof makeup.

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