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Yes’s and No’s to Remember for Your Destination Wedding

November 19, 2017
Yes’s and No’s to Remember for Your Destination Wedding

Whether you have chosen to go for destination wedding or a local one, you need to gauge these two options and determine which one suits you best. While going through a decision making process, the first thing that you need to do is to fix the date and then destination or say venue for that specific date. As this is the big day of your life, you cannot afford to face any kind of disappointment. In order to decide the right option, it is important to consider the pros and cons of both choices.

The Big Yes’s:

Life-time Experience:

One of the biggest and most sought-after benefits of holding a destination wedding is to experience that you cannot ignore.


Who does not love vacation? A destination wedding comes with an opportunity of vacation adding to this lifetime experience.

Intimate Wedding:

intimate DW.jpg
A limited number of guest list with only closest friends and family members ensures your wedding to be an intimate one.

Casual Weddings:

ye and no 5. credit castal studio.jpg Castal Studio

Destination weddings are usually casual ones. It depends upon the personal choice of the bride whether she desires her wedding to be a casual event or a formal one. Casual weddings are more fun-filled than a formal event, for that matter, type of destination puts a huge impact on the nature of the event.

The Big No’s:

Limited Guest List:

fewer guests.jpg
Given to the nature of this type of wedding, you need to keep your guest list very limited. You may have to skip few of your friends who you want in your wedding.

Difference in Planning and Execution:

planning and execution.jpg
As these weddings are planned long distance, everything may not turn out to be exactly as planned. So, at times, it becomes a risky affair.

Your Duties Go Beyond Hosting a Wedding:

entertaining DW guests.jpg
Taking care of guests who have traveled a long distance is the responsibility of the host. The host does not only have to take care of their comfort but also to ensure that guests are entertained and there is no discomfort during their stay.

Fewer Gifts:

yes and no 9.jpg
This goes without saying; after spending on traveling, guests may choose to bring fewer gifts or no gift at all!
While keeping in mind these factors, the decision is left on the bride and her family’s will to consider a destination wedding or keep the event close to home.