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What To Do When You've Been Invited To Two Important Weddings On The Same Date

July 20, 2018
What To Do When You've Been Invited To Two Important Weddings On The Same Date

Wedding season is always very hectic for everyone! It's the time of year when you get A LOT of wedding invites. Such situations may cause confusion because getting a wedding invite means that you have to be prepared for all wedding ceremonies from the bridal shower to reception ceremony especially when you know the bride or groom closely. The matter can get intense if there is a clash between two important wedding dates that are important to attend. However, has done the homework and is here to help you get over this distressful matter. Here are a few tips for you to handle such a puzzling affair: 

1. Decide Who Comes First

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If you have to decide between a family member’s wedding and a friend’s wedding, then family comes first. You definitely don’t want to miss your sister’s or brother’s wedding for your friend's.

2. Wedding Programs And Locations

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Before making any decision you need to consider the wedding programs and their locations maybe both wedding venues are close to each other. This can give you some advantage to attend both weddings or maybe their few festive events.

3. Your Travel Expense Matters

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If it is a destination wedding and heavy on your travel budget in that case, you don’t need to think any further. While keeping such factors in mind, you can make your decision easily in no time.

4. Gifts For The Couple

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As you have to choose one wedding over the other, you cannot go to both weddings if the dates and times clash, therefore, showing your love and care towards the couple are necessary. A nice way to apologize is by sending them a gift or a beautiful card expressing your regrets about not attending their celebrations will definitely handle the situation well.

5. Inform The Couple Before

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If you cannot make it to all the wedding ceremonies, you should talk to the couple about this before so that they won’t headcount you while making wedding arrangements. We all know that wedding guests play an important role during the planning phase as many decisions have to be made on a number of guests attending the wedding.

6. Attend Some Of The Events

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You don’t need to stay through the whole ceremony. If you have enough time before attending the other wedding, you can always visit the couple for a few hours. It will really mean a lot to the couple. The couple will relish this gesture for ages.

7. Invite The Couple After The Wedding

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Make it up to the couple by arranging a perfect dinner or gathering for them. By doing so, you are becoming a part of their happiness and celebrating their new life as a couple.

These tips will help you get out of this tensed and confusing situation. But make sure that you don’t rush to any decision without properly analyzing it. Happy Wedding Season!