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What to Consider While Preparing for Destination Wedding Guest List?

March 8, 2018
What to Consider While Preparing for Destination Wedding Guest List?

Destination weddings are as exciting for the guests as for the couple. Planning a destination wedding can be a complicated task when you find yourself puzzled about who to invite and who not to. Preparation of guest list for an away-from-home wedding depends upon the size of your wedding as well as your preferences and budget. It may seem easy for you to just jot down the names on a piece of paper and skim through your list, however, you need to think while you prepare your destination wedding guest list. In order to help you get through, we have shared few tips that you must consider:

1. How Big Your Wedding Is Going to Be?

how big your wedding is going to be.jpg

First thing first: determine the size of your wedding. If you have a small wedding, consider only nearest and closest relatives and friends. If you desire to have a bigger wedding, you can create another list for other friends and relatives. 

2. Ensure Your Venue has Sufficient Space:

venue-has-sufficient-space.jpg Via: Ramit Batra Photography

A rule of thumb for a realistic guest list is to gauge how many guests the venue can accommodate on your wedding date? By this we don’t only mean the venue for the ceremony, but the hotel too. You need to address every aspect such as is there any group package offered or any discount on a certain number of guests?

3. Consider Who is Going to Pay?

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Being a destination wedding, the guests will expect you to pay for the expenses. Since it is your event you need to communicate that what part of the celebration you are going to pay for. This will make it easier for the guests to decide whether they can make it to the destination or not. Based on this aspect, edit your guest list.

4. The Size of Your Budget:


Size of the budget is the main thing which decides how many people should be on board. Moreover, it is important to remember that you should only pay for the other expenses such as dinner, meal etc., travel expenses are what guests should cover on their own.

5. Someone Who Cannot Pay but is Important for You:

wedding-guest-list.jpg Via: The Wedding Salad

If there is someone in your near family whom presence is what matters to you the most, but cannot pay for the travel, it is absolutely fine to keep that person on your guest list. You can even consider covering their travel expense.  

6. In Case You Are Considering to Invite Children:

if you want to invite children.jpg

Usually, destination weddings are for the adults only. If you are planning to invite kids as well, decide early while you begin planning your wedding. Include them in your guest list and also don’t forget to mention on the invitation cards. 

Preparation for destination wedding guest list can seem to be a tricky phase, however, these tips can make it easier for you. For more tips and tricks for your wedding planning, stay tuned with!