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Two Types of Destination Weddings You Must Know!

October 19, 2017
Two Types of Destination Weddings You Must Know!
Destination weddings are not simple ones. There are different types that couples can choose according to their style, requirements, and budget. A destination wedding does not only have to be a wedding away from home. Instead, there are various styles that have been incorporated into this type of weddings. In many cases, weddings are arranged according to the nature of the destination such as beach or country wedding. However, there are two types of destination weddings that usually decide the style of your wedding. A big plus: these two types make your decision much easier and quicker. Isn’t it? it depends on you which one suits your budget and vision.
Let’s find out what are those two types and what is the difference between the two:

Resort or Packaged Destination Wedding:

DW types 2.jpg

As the name suggests, resort destination wedding depicts the most common type of destination weddings. This type destination wedding takes place in some resort where the couple or their family do not live. This involves packages that you select according to your wedding style and requirements. The packages, usually, encompasses almost every detail of the wedding such as menu, décor or florists. Packages can be customized but sometimes the resorts offer fixed packages.

Professional or Customized Destination Weddings

dw-types-3.jpg Via: Ramit Batra Photography
A professional or customized destination wedding is the one in which you get married in some other location and the wedding is carried out by professional event planners or vendors, for instance, wedding planners, wedding photographers, florist or caterers etc. It includes professional vendors, who fulfill the requirements of the couples who want their wedding to be customized according to their requirements. Usually, a professional destination wedding takes place when most of the guests live near the destination location. The destination could be a native place where bride or groom grew up but later on moved to some other place.
You have to decide what type of destination wedding is best for you. Whether you want a good deal of customized wedding or simply a packaged one. Let us know which type you like the most.