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Tips To Avoid Post Honeymoon Hair Trouble

March 4, 2018
Tips To Avoid Post Honeymoon Hair Trouble

After the busy and tiresome wedding festivities, honeymoon is one relaxing escape every bride looks forward to. Days spent lying on the sand, soaking in the sun and leisurely watching the waves lap up on the beach with your sweetheart – honeymoon really is a glorious getaway. But it can be an absolute killer for your hair. You might return fulfilled, with a bright smile and cute memories but chances are that brittle, frizzy and moisturizer-zapped hair is another souvenir you’d be bringing home.

Here are a few tips that you should follow to avoid hair trouble and be a happy honeymoon bride.

Get the gentlest shampoo.


After a dehydrating day in the sun, your priority should be rinsing away chlorine deposits, salty water and sand from your hair. Among the other honeymoon-essentials, pack a shampoo that’s as gentle as possible but capable of cleansing. You can avoid stripping your already dried out hair by using post-swimming and after-sun formulations that are specially designed to gently remove pool and seawater from hair.

Conditioner is obligatory.

Haircare-2.png (1)

Add a gentle conditioner as well to your packing list. Make sure it is as moisturizing as possible. Again, try an after-sun formulation to rehydrate dried-out hair and take a few sachets of a deep-conditioning treatment to use at the end of the day. This is to ensure you don’t walk around with an unrecognizable mess of frizz on your head.     

Don’t forget about UV protection.


The breezy beach days can easily make you forget that your hair needs saving from the sun too. UV rays can break down the protein in your hair, leaving it dry and fragile. While you might adore the pretty sun-bleached effect after a few days in the sun, you’re likely to lose the shine and luster soon and end up with faded and dull looking hair. Pack with you styling products that also have a UV filter – lightweight or oil-free sprays are easy to reapply throughout the day without messing up your pretty hairdo.

Don’t color before.


We totally understand the uncompromising need to look your best on the honeymoon, so you can admire your pretty-self in the photos later. But you should check coloring your hair off your pre-honeymoon prep list. Getting a big dose of sun and chlorine right after hair color could not only damage your hair further but also alter the effect of the color itself. Keep at least a three-week gap between coloring your hair and the honeymoon, or have it done after you get back.

Save yourself from humidity.


If you are a F.R.I.E.N.D.S fan, you must remember Monica’s hair disaster on their trip to Barbados. It wasn’t pretty, was it? Humidity can make your hair frizzy and fluffy or lank and flat. The best way to not end up looking like Monica is using styling products that act as barrier such as cream or balm.

Don’t let anything kill your fun. Follow the tips above to ditch the hair trouble after a beautiful and memorable honeymoon. Stay tuned for the travel-friendly beauty