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This Is How You Nail Paper Décor On Your Wedding!

July 19, 2018
This Is How You Nail Paper Décor On Your Wedding!

Wedding décor is an indispensable component of your wedding planning that you cannot ignore. If you are looking for inexpensive wedding décor ideas yet it gives a magnificent look to your wedding venue without putting too much pressure on your wedding budget, then paper décor is a perfect choice for you.  Having a perfect dream wedding décor within your budget is not a piece of cake but you don’t need to worry because paper wedding décor inspirations are endless and cheap. This simple and easy to make wedding décor gives a lot of room to experiment without putting anything at stake. Here we are going to give you some astonishing tips so that you can have a perfect paper wedding décor for your big day. 

1. Wedding Flowers

paper-decor (1).jpg

Wedding décor is considered incomplete without the use of flowers. Not a bunch but tons of flowers are used for a perfect décor which can pose a lot of burden on your wedding budget. Paper flower is the ideal choice to replace the real floral cost. You can use paper flowers as your backdrop or centerpieces. All you need is paper, a pair of scissors, some inspiration and let the paper do the magic.

2. Wedding Hangings


You can have perfect strings made out of paper flowers or some beautiful shapes. Paper cranes are very much common for hangings. You can make a lot of pom-poms and paper lanterns. Trust us, your wedding guests will be mesmerized by your distinctive décor elements.

3. Wedding Centerpieces

paper-decor (6).jpg (1)

There are so many different techniques that can be used for making paper flowers. For your wedding table centerpieces, you can use colored papers that fit well with your wedding color scheme. 

4. Wedding cake

paper-decor (8).jpg

Why go for expensive cake decorations when you can create masterpieces with paper. This may sound unusual but trust us, you will love the cake when you see your wedding cake beautifully decorated with origami designs.

5. Wedding favors

paper-decor (5).jpg

Make your wedding favors part of your wedding décor. Go for paper bags and box. This is the perfect time to show your creativity and give your wedding favors a personal touch.

These tips will help you nail a paper décor for your wedding.