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These Are The Most Beautiful Bridal Dresses For Winter Weddings

November 10, 2017
These Are The Most Beautiful Bridal Dresses For Winter Weddings
New year comes with new ambitions, new goals, new aims and for some with a new addition in their family. Lots of blessings to be had and lots and lots of prayers to be received on this auspicious event. Whether you’re the bride or her bestie, let your day not be spoiled with a bad dress choice. Instead check out the excellent bridal dress designs unleashed by the best designers of Pakistan. It is no new news that the first impression is the last impression. Some go on to say that it is, however, not the everlasting impression. In any case, however, it does last, for a long, long time. Therefore, to impress that ‘siasi susral’ of yours prepare to choose the one dress to stupefy them with your good looks and register an impactful first impression.

Zainab Chottani

Lo and behold! If you’re looking for detailed designs, outstanding color combinations yet not overdone then Zainab Chottani is the gal you’re looking for. Check out her designs below. They are an amazing blend of simplicity and grace combined with in depth color usage and careful design selection.

januarybridal4.jpg januarybridal5.jpg januarybridal6.jpg januarybridal7.jpg

Saniya Maskatiya

Saniya Maskatiya and Samarkand! Saniya’s recent collection ‘Samarkand’ has showcased remarkable bridal dress designs. With her outstanding bridal dress designs and clothing designs otherwise winning international acclamation she can’t simply be turned down. Her designs reflect diversity at its best and showcase creativity in a way the best. Check out her designs to unravel your beauty to its maximum.

weddingsinjanuary13.jpeg.jpg weddingsinjanuary14.jpeg.jpg weddingsinjanuary15.jpeg.jpg weddingsinjanuary16.jpeg.jpg

Tena Durrani

Tena Durrani is no new player in the game. Her designs trend every now and then and she has a very penetrating uniqueness about her designs. Anyways, Tena’s triumphant bridal dresses are here for the taking.

weddingsinjanuary17.jpeg.jpg weddingsinjanuary18.jpeg.jpg weddingsinjanuary19.jpeg.jpg weddingsinjanuary20.jpeg.jpg
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januarybridal.jpg januarybridal1.jpg januarybridal3.jpg januarybridal2.jpg
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