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The Flaunt-Worthy Luxury Chiffon Collection By Asim Jofa Is Here!

August 9, 2018
The Flaunt-Worthy Luxury Chiffon Collection By Asim Jofa Is Here!

Three weeks from now, we all will be celebrating Eid-ul-Azha with great zeal. To make it a memorable event, the preparations have to be top notch. Now, when it comes to the dresses, we aspire to wear trending outfits that are beyond gracefull. If we talk about fabric, many prefer to wear chiffon than lawn on festive occasions. In case, you belong to the same tribe, then Asim Jofa’s latest unstitched luxury chiffon collection is quite an upscale addition, perhaps the one you have been looking for. The best part is that this particular collection is not only fit for Eid, but also for any formal occasion. From exotic to elegant and everything in between, you can pick any look. Those who love ghagra choli, sarees, or short shirt with boot cut pants, can finalize anything of their liking. While the design maestro has never failed us, this particular collection seems quite supreme. Why is that? There is a plethora of reasons, one being his selection of cool and warm hues. The heavenly mixture of two mesmerizing chromatics with intricate embroidery is quite rare. The spellbinding embellishment and those lovely pearls further enhance the charm of these work of arts. Take a look!

asim-jofa-luxury-1.jpg asim-jofa-luxury-2.jpg asim-jofa-luxury-3.jpg asim-jofa-luxury-4.jpg asim-jofa-luxury-5.jpg asim-jofa-luxury-6.jpg asim-jofa-luxury-7.jpg asim-jofa-luxury-8.jpg asim-jofa-luxury-9.jpg asim-jofa-luxury-10.jpg asim-jofa-luxury-11.jpg asim-jofa-luxury-12.jpg asim-jofa-luxury-13.jpg asim-jofa-luxury-14.jpg asim-jofa-luxury-15.jpg asim-jofa-luxury-16.jpg asim-jofa-luxury-18.jpg asim-jofa-luxury-17.jpg asim-jofa-luxury-19.jpg asim-jofa-luxury-20.jpg asim-jofa-luxury-21.jpg asim-jofa-luxury-22.jpg asim-jofa-luxury-24.jpg asim-jofa-luxury-23.jpg

These attires sure have cast a spell on a number of women. You can find the said collection on our webstore. After scrolling down the screen, you might even ask yourself: what good did I do to deserve this pretty ensemble? After you have made up your mind, you can decide one for Eid or upcoming formal event. A decision you will not regret! 

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