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Take Inspiration From What These Celebrities Wore On Their Wedding Day

March 1, 2018
Take Inspiration From What These Celebrities Wore On Their Wedding Day

When it comes to weddings, no one can beat us desi people. Brides start preparing the dresses way before the wedding date, going crazy to find the perfect one for the big day. From flipping through hundreds of magazines pages to visiting multiple bridal stores, they don’t leave any stone unturned for that dream dress. Celebrities are no different when it comes to wedding dresses. A lot of our favorite ones got married in 2017 serving us the best bridal inspirations. Saving you the rigmarole of frantically surfing through the pages, we have compiled what our most beloved celebrities wore on their wedding day for you to marvel at and get inspired from. 

Zara Noor Abbas and Asad Siddique

The beautiful couple had a star-studded wedding with Zara Noor Abbas wearing a statement black choli paired with heavily embellished golden lehenga at her reception. Her ditching the traditional colors and going for black was a statement in itself. She chose delicate jewelry with minimal makeup and finished the look with a net dupatta lightly sprayed with sequins as opposed to the usual heavy bridal ones. 

CelebrityWedding1.jpg CelebrityWedding2.jpg

For her Nikkah look, she chose the old-world charm and went completely traditional with a white outfit paired with a red shawl. 

Ali Tiwana

The event management giant Qasim Yar Tiwana’s brother Ali Tiwana’s wedding was one of the most traditional ones over the years, reviving the old-school Punjabi culture. The bride, Neha Nasim wore a magnificent pink bridal by Faraz Manan and complemented the look with hefty gold jewelry.


Zaid Ali and Yumna Zaid

Yumna Zaidi set the minimalist trend that was welcomed after a long reign of heavy bridal makeup, jewelry and dress. Zaid Ali looked handsome too!


Saheefa Jabbar Khattak

The custom-made Fahad Hussayn’s pink lehenga choli couldn’t have been a more perfect choice for this dreamy day wedding. She made a statement with short hair that was welcomed by the wedding community.


Farwa Kazmi

Farwa Kazmi went old school with just the right amount of bright pink. The traditional gotta work on the dupatta is a sweet reminiscence of what our mothers wore on their day. 

CelebrityWedding12.jpg CelebrityWedding13.jpg CelebrityWedding14.jpg

For her reception she chose going contemporary with a couture piece from Faraz Manan’s Mirage Summer Collection. 

Arij Fatima

The pretty girl-next-door took a bold step in highlighting green at her Barat. She added the red touch with her dupatta and completed the look with traditional jewelry. For valima, she chose a blush pink shirt paired with a beige sharara.  

arijfatima1.jpg arijfatima.jpg

Abdullah sultan

The handsome anchor Abdullah Sultan wore Nomi Ansari’s creation for his mehndi and a beautiful embroidered black waistcoat for his reception. The bride also added a classic touch with her jewelry and color coordinated mehndi dress with the groom.

abdullahsultan1.jpg (1) Abdullasultan3.jpg abdullahsulan5.jpg

Abdullah Sultan wore the extravagant Mohsin Naveed Ranjha on his Nikah while his wife Jannat went for a classic traditional look. On their Valima, both of them took a different stance at their Valima with black and electric blue being the highlight of their big day.

Nimra Khan

The talented actress stunned in the contrast of blue dupatta, pink shirt and maroon sharara at her engagement. The color coordinated blue Sherwani with a velvet shawl add a touch of royalty to the groom. 

d52b237490decbf5072b74b691733bb3.jpg nimra.jpg (1)

Amanat Ali

Amanat Ali went traditional and matched up with wife, Sara Manzoor, in this handsome Sherwani. The bride looks straight out of a fairytale with beautiful work on her dress, adorned with pearls and traditional jewelry.


Palwasha Yoursaf

The cozy engagement ceremony saw white as the main attraction with lovely pink and white flowers blooming the special moment.


Aimen Khan and Muneeb Butt

Take a lesson on how to combine the dress colours with your partner! The sky blue flowy long shirt with minimal jewelry made a beautiful engagement attire.


Rabia Anum

Not many of us pay attention to our regional culture when it comes to wedding dresses. For Barat, the groom adorned the Balochi style sherwani while the bride went for traditional red.


Celebrities are trendsetters for the wedding industry. Whatever they wear instantly gets attention, thanks to the internet, and people make sure to follow them. Looking at the celebrity weddings this season, we saw minimalism on the rise in all departments from makeup to jewelry to dresses and decor, the traditional and classic aspect was welcomed back and a lot of celebrities made statements with black dresses and short hair. With such interesting inspirations, we just have to wait and see what more these celebrities have to offer for the next wedding season!