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Strange Jewelry Superstitions From Around The World That You Probably Haven’t Heard Of!

August 30, 2017
Strange Jewelry Superstitions From Around The World That You Probably Haven’t Heard Of!
Weddings are a happy time for everyone around the world. People go to great lengths to make it a good time for the guests and themselves, but where there is such a happy event, people do tend to get paranoid of the evil eye! Not just in the subcontinent, people in the West too believe in such superstitions and take extra precautions to stay clear of any bad luck that might leave their wedding day in ruins! Let’s have a look at some of them and get surprised.

Mehndi and Luck!

It is still believed in some Asian households that a bride with a dark henna color will have a strong marriage. People also believe that the darker color would mean love from the in-laws. Well, imagine your mehndi coming off in a lighter color?

No Shopping on a Friday!

You probably know about Friday the 13th, but in weddings as well, it’s considered unlucky to go shop for wedding jewelry on Fridays, particularly in the West. That’s a day wasted right there, ladies! To further elaborate it, Monday is good for wealth, Tuesday for health, Wednesday is believed to be the best day out of the week to get married, Saturday is unlucky for a wedding, and Sunday and Thursday just hang in-between. Never knew a week could mean so much!

Borrowing Jewelry From a Happily Married Bride Only!

A lot of brides in the West borrow their wedding jewelry from their friends or close relatives and are even passed down jewelry pieces from their grandmothers or mothers, but some people are of the view that wedding jewelry should only be borrowed from someone who is happily married. So, how do you decide whether a person is happily married or not?

Lend Your Wedding Jewelry? No!

So some bride asks you to lend her your wedding jewelry…and what do you say? ‘Sure!’ But according to this superstition, doing this might bring the new bride some good luck, but this act of generosity might not be a very good omen for you. It goes for imitation jewelry as well. So, get selfish!

Do Not Try It On Before The Wedding!

You have heard about how its bad luck to try on the wedding dress before the wedding. Hear this as well, in the West it is also considered bad luck to wear bridal jewelry before the big day! Those who still want to try on everything leave a single stitch open on their dress which is sewn back when they put it on for their wedding day. This gives the sense of ‘completion’ thus saving them from the bad luck. Seriously ladies, how tensed out is that!

Ring Drops? You’re Doomed!

So, you are about to put the ring on your groom’s finger and suddenly it slips from your fingers and drops on the floor with a tinkling noise. There is pin drop silence because everyone knows that you are now doomed. You will now be the first one to die! That is one superstition that no one wants to be a part of.
Getting married and starting a new life is a big step in life and should be approached with all the positivity required. These superstitions make you more tensed when all you should be thinking about is a blessed life ahead. Tell us in the comments about any other bridal jewelry superstition you know of!