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Six Tips To Buy That Perfect Wedding Footwear!

February 16, 2018
Six Tips To Buy That Perfect Wedding Footwear!

Brides leave no stone unturned when shopping for bridal jewelry and dresses, but in all that hassle, they don’t pay much attention to one of the most important accessory i.e. the bridal footwear. If you don’t want to end up with sore feet, make sure you keep in mind these six steps when looking for that perfect pair.

Don’t Compromise On Comfort!


You and your shoes are going to be inseparable from the time you set foot in them during dressing up until you step in to your new home. Believe us, you won’t be able to enjoy a single moment if they pose discomfort at every step you take. You don’t want to end up in pain when you finally take them off! So keep in mind your comfort over beauty.

Keep The Outfit In Mind


A natural step that brides take is to choose the dress first. While that is understandable, a wiser step would be to choose some footwear before the dress. This would help you in deciding the length of your dress depending on the heel and your height. Also, if your heels are highly embellished, you can go for less embellishments on the bottom of the outfit, hence avoiding any entanglement that may take place. 

Statement Shoes


You can make statement with your shoes instead of the dress especially on the Mehndi event. Beautiful, vibrant khussas can reflect your theme and make them stand out among others. 

Always Keep A Spare


It’s your big day and you wouldn’t want anything to go wrong. You have to stay prepared for everything, so buy a spare pair that matches your outfit. In case anything happens to the one you’re wearing, you won’t suffer panic attacks and will be prepared.

Keep The Venue In Mind


This might not seem to be an important point when shopping for bridal shoes, but it’s wise to keep the venue where the wedding is going to happen. If it’s happening at a farmhouse and you will have to walk on grass, avoid pencil heels and go for broader heels.

Get Used To Them Before The Wedding


Never wear new heels directly on your big day! New shoes can be uncomfortable at the beginning, so make sure you make yourself feel home in them. Wear them for a short while at home and walk in them so you get used to them.  


Follow these easy steps to enjoy your special day without any stress!