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Six Things to Consider While Planning Nikkah Event at Home

July 19, 2017
Six Things to Consider While Planning Nikkah Event at Home
There is no place like home, especially when it comes to saying your wedding vows. Maybe you have not yet considered about saying ‘qabool hai’ at your home. However, if you have changed your mind, a lot of work is waiting for you. The decision is great; but your home is not prepared for 100+ guests. It might seem A LOT of work, but for sure, you won’t regret your decision. In order to make the planning smooth and organized, we have compiled a list of factors that must be kept in mind:

You Would Need Big Space:

nikkah space inside home.jpg
For an at-home Nikkah ceremony, arrangement of proper space is very important. In case of limited space, a close friend or relative’s home can also be considered. If this option is not suitable, there would be need to trim the list. This is also important considering an indoor alternative in case the weather becomes unpredictable. It is to be kept in mind that will there be enough space indoor, for example, the living room, to set up folding chairs with a wide enough aisle? In order to address this issue, the general rule is six to ten square-feet of floor space per guest for row-seating.

Hiring a Planner Helps Sharing Responsibility:


Since, you cannot do everything on your own, a wedding planner will save your time and energy. A wedding planner will give a fresh perspective on your property regarding décor and arrangements as well as will guide about what can be done and what cannot. In order to cater the arrangements, from setting up the chairs, décor and serving to cleaning up, professional planners share the burden of planning the most important things during and after the event.

Preparation of Lawn:


Apparently, it seems a little task but in case of an outdoor event, your lawn will be on display. Whether you shape it up with the help of a lawnmower or hire a landscaper, it is better to start preparing the lawn well in advance. For instance, if it is going to be a spring wedding, you must start preparing in the fall. For the needful such as replanting or reseeding, take professional advice.

Ensuring the Ground is Even:


Items such as chairs and tables need to be placed on an even ground. Professional tent companies ascertain whether or not they need to put down a foundation. It is important to address this aspect to avoid the arrangements from tipping over.

Electricity Backup:


It is mandatory to keep electricity backup, especially, when the supply becomes unpredictable. In general, homes can't provide the sufficient amount of power necessary to light a tent. In that case, a backup generator must be arranged. Few caterers provide this facility, however, you need to find and book equipment months before Nikkah day.

Arrangement of Imam:

As discussed before, the availability of Imam should be determined in advance. It is important to consider especially during wedding season. Arranging imam for an at-home-event is different than the event at a mosque. The chances are higher that he has to attend other Nikkah events (or religious ceremonies). The timing of the event must be coordinated and arranged according to the availability of imam.
Having a Nikkah event at your home is an amazing as well as the memorable idea, provided you are well prepared and have planned every aspect excellently. You simply need to hire the right people to plan and remain stress-free for rest of the day.