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Six Fun Games for Bridal Shower to Add Ultimate Fun to Your Party!

October 19, 2017
Six Fun Games for Bridal Shower to Add Ultimate Fun to Your Party!
A bridal shower is another name of fun and games before the formal wedding events begin. Such occasion is filled with happiness, gifts, love and lots of activities. As the event is an informal gathering of young close female relatives of the bride, the most interesting thing in the party is the games that everyone loves, as I already said. Let me end your curiosity here and move on to the list of those games that you would like to keep in your bridal shower.

Search the Purse for Similar Item:

In this game, the host calls out the names of few items from the compile list. Guests have to find the same item from the bag, the first one who finds the item wins the prize.

The Weds-to-be Questions and Answers:

this is one of the interesting game that everyone would, love to participate in. In this game bride and groom-to-be is put on hot seat to answer the questions and compare the answers. Interesting, isn’t?

Complete the Love Story:

This is one of my favorite games, I am sure you will love it too. in this game, the host writes the starting point of a love story and passes on to guests. Each guest writes own line and folds the paper to hide, while leaving space for the next line. In the end, the bride-to-be reads the story aloud to everyone. A fairly good game to keep the curiosity and fun alive!

To-be-Weds’ Crossword Puzzle:

If you haven’t played crossword puzzle before, this might be the time to play one. In order to make a personalized crossword puzzle, prepare few questions about the couple with one word answers. Using these words, create a puzzle and handout each copy of those puzzles. At the end, see who wins!

Wedding Details:

Gauge your guests’ knowledge about different aspects of wedding by asking different questions. You can divide them in two teams or simply award points to the one who answers correctly.

Guess the Celebrity Name Game:

This game is as simple as the name. In this game, host writes the names of celebrities in small pieces of paper, folds and throws them in a bowl. Guest are divided into two groups and one person acts (cannot speak during the act) to help teammates guess the name of the celebrity. Each team has one minute to guess the name. winning team wins the maximum points.
I am sure these games will add fun and let everyone indulge in fun just before the wedding preparation begins- a stressful phase for bride and her family. Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.