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Secrets for Long Lasting Wedding Hair

November 1, 2017
Secrets for Long Lasting Wedding Hair

After months of planning your dream wedding from the dress, makeup, photographer to all the smaller details, the time has come to walk down the aisle. Your makeup is on point; you’re glowing with joy as you enter the evening banquet with your hand tugged possessively in your husband’s arm. Suddenly you find a stray strand of hair dangling right in your face. You look down to see how your curls have started to look straight. Now isn’t that a mood kill!

Your flaying wedding hairdo can be a real downer and might even burst your happy bubble. Avoid that frustration and read on for secrets to achieve a wedding hairdo that lasts the whole day.

Keep Your Hairspray Close

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Hairspray is a no-brainer, I know. But the trick is to have one of your bridesmaids carry a travel size hair spray around. So every other hour she can spray down the loose strands, tame any limp curls to keep everything in place for you to happily keep floating on cloud nine.

Opt For Volume

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We all understand the pain of untangling and combing down teased hair. But a little tease on your big day can go a long way. Adding volume will surprisingly keep your hairdo from slumping down and getting slicked to your face.

Come In With Dirty Hair

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One less thing to worry about – washing your hair. Dirty hair is easy to handle because of the added texture and holds a hairdo longer than freshly washed hair.

Add Accessories

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Well, that’s an obvious one for desi weddings, isn’t it? From maatha pattis to jhoomers, desi brides have a wide range of accessories to choose from. Adding accessories or headpieces will not only give you the feel of a royal queen but also keep the loose hair away.

Test Your Hairstyle with Dupatta

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Instead of discovering at the last minute how your heavily embellished dupatta flattens your hairdo or how uncomfortable it feels, test it before your big day. Check to see how it fits or wobbles out of your hair. Let your hair stylist know so she can work her way to adjust the hairdo to support the dupatta easily.

Don’t touch it

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I know how hard it is to fight the temptation of ‘feeling around’ to check if everything is intact. Well, don’t do this if you want your hairdo to stay same as your stylist created it. Touching it might accidently pull a few strands out or squish your hairstyle.
A perfect hairdo is as important as perfect makeup. Choose the hairstyle that makes you feel the best. Follow the tips to make it last throughout the day and have fun with it.
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