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Red Flashes: All The Accessories You Need For Your Post-Marriage Collection

August 1, 2018
Red Flashes: All The Accessories You Need For Your Post-Marriage Collection

Your post-marriage period is the time when both of you are in the love bubble. You share the living-together experience, the honeymoon period, the adventures, the adjusting to new life experience and attending all those post-marriage dinners and lunches. The love bubble signifies and is mostly represented by red: the colour of romance. This is the best time to dress in red and your husband will not be able to take his eyes off you! Red jewelry is one of the best ways to celebrate your marriage. Wear red emeralds, red necklace, red earrings and whatnot! Let’s give you an idea of how you can red yourself up after your wedding!

Red Hot Earrings

Earrings highlight your jaw structure and when you have red in them, you not only stand out but also manage to woo everyone present in the room. Red emerald paired with diamond is one of the combinations that every girl desires to have. So keep that one in your possession.

1.jpg (13) 2.jpg (14)

Ravishing Red Necklace

A pretty minimal pendant or a red emerald diamond necklace does wonders to your dress. You have just married, your new life has just begun, why not include some red to go with the romance. Go for a pretty single red stone pendant or a collar necklace that’ll go pretty well with saree.

4.jpg (9) 5.jpg (8)

Red Sparkly Rings

You can even opt for a red engagement or wedding ring so you have a chance to flaunt the red after your wedding! Now that’s a good idea. Go different!

6.jpg (11) 7.jpg (9)

Radiant Red Bracelets

While you slay-d red bangles at your mehndi, wearing something sparkly red for those formal lunches and dinners will be the perfect way to honour the bangles. Keep rocking it with your outfits!

8.jpg (4) 9.jpg (4)

Add the red that has been missing from your life and the best time to do it is right after marriage. Give your man a chance to appreciate your style while you turn red from his compliments!