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Preparing Your Sensitive Skin for The Big Day Has Never Been Easier!

January 15, 2018
Preparing Your Sensitive Skin for The Big Day Has Never Been Easier!

Sensitive skin? All it needs is a little love and care among all the wedding and shopping hassle! These simple steps are a complete approach to reduce the possibility of any reaction from your skin and even help to heal it.

Keep a skin journal

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Start taking note of what reacts to your skin! You eat a variety of stuff every day and use cosmetics that might not suit your skin. Record them so you know what you’re getting into before your big day arrives. This will definitely help you make things easier.

Avoid foaming cleansers


Facial cleansers that have Polythylene Glycol surfactants take away natural oils of the skin and cause dryness. So, look for cleansers that use non-comedogenic oils. They remove impurities and do not disturb the moisture of the skin.

A big no to alcohol-based skincare and cosmetic products


Cosmetic and skincare products with high percentage of alcohol can dehydrate your skin, causing harm to the barrier function. Instead go for hydrating toners that include moisturizing ingredients to rest the skin.

Hair products effect your skin too!


So, we might not pay much heed to this in our daily life, but the shampoo, conditioner or hair color you use can irritate your skin. Look for a shampoo that is allergen-free so you stay safe from any risk.

Don’t touch your face


Avoid touching your face as much as you can! All the bacteria, and irritants can cause your skin to react, popping a pimple just before your mehndi night. So not a good idea! Wash all your makeup brushes with your facial cleanser to avoid acne in the first place.

Don’t stress out! Establish a sleep schedule.

It’s difficult to keep your head straight and not stress out as the wedding gets close. But you definitely have to keep a sleep cycle to give full chance to your skin to rest well. Sleep deprivation can cause stress, resulting in an unbalanced skin function as well. Manage stress by taking time out for activities that relax you!

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Give rest to your skin so you can shine bright on your big day! Your skin will thank you for this.

Share your remedies about sensitive skin in the comments below!
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