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Peplum – The New Cool in formals

November 2, 2017
Peplum – The New Cool in formals

Attention all desi divas who love western fashion too! You don’t need to look at your favorite western cut and sigh at the thought of not being able to don it at a desi wedding. Our fashion experts present to you a bliss of western fashion all dipped in eastern magic – hail the peplum tops. This dazzling fusion of western and eastern glam was the new rage in Pakistan fashion industry in 2016. 2017 only saw their popularity rise even more with fashion scene being flooded by distinctive and new styles of beautifully embellished peplum tops.

From Tena Durrani to Elan and Sania Maskatiya to the fashion giant Faraz Manan – all the top Pakistani fashion gurus stunningly channeled the beauty of this western fluffy flounce into eastern masterpieces. Embellished with embroidery, laces, pearls and applique, these outfits are given a new identity and a wide range making them perfect for the next big desi occasion.
peplum1.jpg peplum2.jpg (1)
With this trend being a major hit in the stores, you need to get your own piece of these gorgeous flares. If you’re worried about how to carry peplum tops, there are several options you can rock this smart combo of cuts and stitches with – ranging from silk pants, lehenga, bell bottoms, tulip trousers, sharara or straight pants.

With Bell bottoms & Silk Pants

The most popular way to don this chic fusion is with bell bottoms and silk pants. Sania Maskatiya lit up the eyes of those who love simplicity, with her delicately embroidered peplum creations paired with silk pants. Those delicate sparkly pumps are just the ideal choice to finish the look.
peplum4.png peplum3.png
This extremely chic peplum top by Cross Stitch is the perfect example of how decent and adorable this new trend is.

With Lehenga

If you are aiming for a fancier look, you can go forgo the bell bottoms and opt for lehenga instead. The flare and volume of lehengas give an even more perfect and alluring finish. Tena Durrani embodied elegance in these applique embroidered peplum tops when she paired them with digitally printed lehenga.
peplum6.png peplum7.png

With Tulip Trousers

Imagine if you could have two of the most popular trends of the fashion industry in one gorgeous outfit – combo of peplum tops and tulip trousers is nothing short of a pure blend of eastern sophistication. Zainab Chottani’s intricate thread work embroidery on the peplum top matches flawlessly with the embellishment on tulip trousers and just the perfect choice for the divas who want to blend their western aura with eastern bling.

With Sharara

A treat for desi fashion lovers! While embroidery gives an extra edge to peplums, pairing them with sharara adds elegant flares to turn you into an incredibly chic and cute fashionista.
Peplums are smarter and edgier in looks when compared to other eastern wear such as frocks or angrakha. With our top fashion icons promoting and embracing this idea oh-so-gracefully, peplum tops surely deserve a place in your wardrobe.