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Pantone Colour of the Year 2018: Incorporating Ultra Violet Into Your Wedding!

March 7, 2018
Pantone Colour of the Year 2018: Incorporating Ultra Violet Into Your Wedding!

The Pantone Colour Institute analyzes fashion, arts, sports, food, design, film, technology, travel and entertainment and come up with a colour that is considered to represent almost everything for the entire year. And guess what it is this year? The enchanting ‘Ultra Violet!’ The experts describe it as a shade that reflects individuality which is what peole are actually fighting for these days.

So what do we do with a trending colour? We see how to shine it on wedding! Let’s have a look at some of the ways to let ultra violet rule the weddings! 

A Hot Shade For Your Wedding Dresses!

Long before the traditional white and red became the go-to colours for the bridal dress, the brides wore long violet robes. So, ultra-violet has a long history with the very important wedding dress! And this hot shade completely changes the vibes and instantly grabs attention as deserved on that big day. 

Pantone1.jpg (2) Pantone2.jpg Pantone3.jpg

Even The Groom Can Flaunt It!

Grooms have a lot of options when it comes to incorporating purple for the wedding. They can go for an ultra-violet sherwani with a matching pagrri and dress like royalty. For a suit, they can wear a purple tie, or go for purple pocket square and even a purple lapel pin. 

Pantone5.jpg Pantone7.jpg

How About Adding It To A Neutral Coloured Lehnga With Vibrant Shoes?

The ultra-violet shade has a very presentable aura of its own and you may notice the next time you wear it, how it enhances the entire look of the wedding attire. The ultra violet khussa with different embellishments or the classy purple heels make the perfect combination with a neutral coloured lehnga.

Pantone8.jpg (1)

An Infusion Of Ultra Violet Wedding Cake? What More Do You Want!

Purple represents royalty and regalness. An ultra-violet themed wedding requires a cake that calls out royalty when you see it. Be it two-tiered or three-tiered, the beautiful purple patterns complete the look that your wedding wants.  


Pop In The Colour In The Bouquet As Well!

Purple flowers represent pride, success and dignity. Whether bound together with other coloured flowers or on their own, the arrangement symbolizes admiration and accomplishment. Moreover, they look so beautiful!

Pantone11.jpg (1)

Above All, Rise To The Occasion With Keeping It Your Wedding Theme!

From centerpieces to bouquets, and from cake to the entire wedding décor, an ultra-violet themed wedding is your answer to have the most royal and extravagant looking wedding. You feel like you have stepped into a fantasy world altogether where there’s nothing but peace of mind. Make sure to fill it with lots of purple lavenders and violets.

Pantone12.jpg Pantone13.jpg

Convinced enough to have an ultra-violet themed wedding this season? How many of you are going for it?