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Make A Statement By Serving These Refreshing Drinks

July 28, 2018
Make A Statement By Serving These Refreshing Drinks

Any occasion is incomplete without food and drinks. In the same way, your wedding menu is unfinished without refreshing drinks so it is really essential that you plan your wedding drinks as well. During the planning phase, bear in your mind that your wedding drinks should reflect you in every possible manner. It is highly recommended to go for seasonal drinks with a decent arrangement for serving. Everything on your wedding venue is a part of your complete décor so plan accordingly. If you are having a colorful wedding theme, choose the bright colored drinks. If you still have not decided your wedding drinks to be served on your big day, then this post is for you. We have some really awesome ideas to amp up your festivities.

1. Watermelon Lime Soda

non-alcoholic wedding drinks (3).jpg

This refreshing drink is perfect for summertime weddings. To create the magic, all you need is watermelon, lime and soda to make this phenomenal drink. This unique drink will leave an everlasting impact on your wedding guests. Talk to your caterer about different serving techniques to attract your wedding guests. Highball or jar glasses are perfect choices for serving the watermelon lime soda.

2. Double Hot Chocolate

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Double hot chocolate is a treat for all the chocolate lover brides. Your wedding guest will love this rich and comforting delight topped with marshmallows. It is perfect for winter weddings to beat the chill.  Serving double hot chocolate on your wedding menu is itself a very unique and a great way to personalized your celebrations. Use your imagination to serve this stunning drink in creative ways. We just adore the double hot chocolate shots.

3. Apple Cranberry Cocktails

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If you are looking for something distinctive then apple cranberry cocktail is the solution. This zesty drink served in a flute glass can raise the bar of your joyous happenings. You can also serve two flavors; apple and peach cranberry cocktails or maybe mix them both for the variety.

4. Fruit Punch

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Fruit punch is one of the most common drink served on different occasions. It is easy to make and can be served in many creative manners. You can still serve fruit punch on your wedding and be unique at the same time just focus on extraordinary ways of serving.  Present it up with different ingredients to beautify it. Serving can also impact your wedding décor so make sure your bartender will focus on serving techniques.

These amazing ideas for serving non-alcoholic drinks at your wedding venue will win over your wedding guests.