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Luscious Lips for Bridal Look: 6 Tricky Ways to Get That Plump You Always Wanted!

December 15, 2017
Luscious Lips for Bridal Look: 6 Tricky Ways to Get That Plump You Always Wanted!
You might not have a plump pout like Angelina Jolie or our very own Mahira Khan, but you can certainly get that look with your own! There are ample number of collagen bosoting products and make up tricks that can help achieve this feat. Here are some of them:

Exfoliation! Unbelievable,Rright?

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You might now know this but exfoliation is one of the most common trick to get fuller lips. Exfoliating removes dead skin and stimulates the blood flow to your lips, giving you a rosy, plump pout. You can also massage your lips with Vaseline or a soft toothbrush, but keep it to once a week only. Your lips have sensitive skin and does not regenerate easily like your facial skin.

Stimulate Tissue

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Put on a "plumping" gloss. A lot of them contain spices like black pepper or cinnamon which can slightly irritate the lips as well as swell up the skin. You might feel the sting but it’s not dangerous so apply as much as you can take! Better than inserting a needle!

Apply Concealer For a Larger Canvas

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While patting concealer on your lips, spread it a little more over your lip line. So, when you apply lipstick, it will make your lips look larger!

Add Dimension

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Rocking pale pink or nude is not just trendy but also makes your lips plumper. Dark colours flatten the appearance while light ones magnify them.

Create Illusions

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Add a reflective quality to you lips by applying the center of the top lip with a dot of gloss. This gives a 3-D effect and makes your pout pop out more! Moreover, you can also use two different nude colours. Apply one shade all over, and the lighter one in the middle of your lips. Merge them together to give a fuller, plumper look!

Darker Lip Liner

The lip liner that you use should be darker than the lipstick shade. Apply the lipstick, and blend a drop of foundation in the center, topping it off with a gloss. And you are good to go!
Learn these tricks to get full lips on your wedding day! Show them off with the perfect lip colour! What other tricks do you can you tell us to get fuller lips? Share us in the comments below!