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Keef Palas’ Jewelry Designed To Decay

July 20, 2018
Keef Palas’ Jewelry Designed To Decay

For everyone out there, diamonds are the forever kind of jewelry, but Keef Palas has come up with a concept whose beauty lies in naturally decaying away. And yes, we are talking about jewelry here. Surprising, right? Aspiring creative designer Claire O’Keefe came up with the idea of jewelry made up of every day nature-related things including – hold it right there – garlic clove, dried chilies, flower buds, olive branches, baby onions, what and cotton flowers to name a few.

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How you may ask? These earrings are made only when someone orders them, vacuum packed and then shipped to the customer. They are expected to serve the customer for up to three months. Some of their creations can also be refrigerated for some months and then used. It’s more of a statement and the designer wanted people to get linked to nature and feel the tension that exists between organic and industrial products.

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The first collection of this bizarre, yet amazing concept was showcased in 2016 and had several every day used natural objects as earrings. The collection included magnolia leaves, flower buds of curry plant, dried chilies, garlic cloves, and olive branch earrings. They are now working with onions, wheat, oats and cotton flowers. These pieces are not the usual pieces kept for ages in the lockers or worn for a long period of time. Their sole concept is their natural decaying which can also be described as a political performance.

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Would you wear statement jewelry made up of what nature offers you?