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How To Reduce Hair Fall?

September 17, 2018
How To Reduce Hair Fall?

Days before their wedding, many brides-to-be want a top-notch appearance. A perfect hairstyle is one of the most important factors that is included in the list. But you can wave goodbye to a pretty hairstyle if your hair falls too often ‘in a flow’. Protein deficiency and low vitamin levels are two main reasons for hair fall. Many women face this on a daily basis and thus look for ways to get rid of it. If only it was that easy. The good news, however, is that it is not that difficult either. With simple methods, you can make your hair roots stronger than ever. Your only job is to follow these techniques and then get going.

We shall now show you some of the top suggestions as to how you can prevent hair fall. 

No more random hairstyles


When we say, be gentle on your hair, we ask you to stop trying every Instagram inspired hairstyle. Remember, your goal is your big day, so, don’t start experimenting that will cause harm to your hair. Minor ‘trauma’ can be caused if you regularly use a rubber band or teasing comb because the tensile force is involved

Avoid these ingredients in hair products


Yes, yes, yes, you might have heard this gazillion of times, but here’s the thing: we are not here to talk about that. It is true that hair products come in those fancy packing and you are attracted to them. Seems only fair and not a problem, but don’t forget to look for these 3 ingredients on the back: Parabens (suitable for skin, not hair), Formaldehyde (causes DNA damage), Sulphate (might be the cause of severe eczema). 

Say yes to scalp massage


Oiling your hair is one thing, but a scalp massage is of greater importance. Due to lack of oxygen, our hair doesn’t get enough air and thus become week within days. A regular scalp massage increases blood flow and thus, the roots of your hair will get ample ‘food’ in order to become strong and remain this way for long. Problem solved!

Cedarwood Essential oil

bamboo-bamboo-whisk-board-461428.jpg bamboo-bamboo-whisk-board-461428.jpg

Cedarwood oil has a specific woody smell, which is why many prefer it over other essential oils. When combined with rosemary, it controls hair fall. Our hair falls out due to ‘Alopecia Areata’, which is a ‘not-so-rare’ autoimmune disease. However, Cedarwood contains antifungal, and antiseborrheic properties that help maintain healthy hair along with stimulating new hair growth. 

Use Green Tea


The several benefits of green tea are not unknown. It is overall good for health and is a popular choice for people aiming for weight loss. Among other benefits, it is also a good option for preventing hair loss. Whether you drink it or massage it onto your scalp, it will greatly help in hair growth. 

Azadirachta Indica (Neem Tree)


Neem is quite useful for your hair due to plenty of reasons. First, it contains antifungal, anti-bacterial properties, which means that it will not cause any infection. Secondly, and most importantly, due to its anti-inflammatory properties, there will be no adverse effect. To make it work, you have to first grind the neem leaves, then boil them, make a paste. After that, apply it to your hair right after you shampoo. And remember, be gentle! 

Above-mentioned methods are quite simple, and you can definitely try these on a day to day basis. Once your wedding day comes nearer, it is suggested to try at least some of these tips. After you know what suits you, you should follow that particular method, and get ready to welcome good and healthy hair.