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How to Pamper Your Hair Before They Style You Up On The Wedding Day!

October 15, 2017
How to Pamper Your Hair Before They Style You Up On The Wedding Day!
Having shiny, gorgeous, healthy hair is another secret altogether that very few women like to share. But you want and should have beautiful hair to get a nice hairstyle for your wedding! Spare yourself the stress, and follow these guidelines to pamper your hair:

Shampoo Only Twice a Week

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Shampooing every day is not suitable for your hair at all! If you have thick hair, shampoo them every 2nd or better, every 3rd day with a gentle shampoo and conditioner. Use a shampoo that does not contain sulfates. Washing your hair every day dries out your hair and you don’t want your hair to go through that!

Switch up Products

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A personal favourite and very effective! A lot of women switch their shampoo and conditioner after using it once or twice which gives them the perfect hair. Sounds like variety isn't just the spice to life, but to hair as well.

Go Easy on Brushing

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Some women rarely brush their hair, while most of them use a comb. Combing your hair while in the shower helps loosen the knots easily and once they dry, they give a better, healthy effect. A lot of women find it useful to not brush their hair at all which they say maintains volume on hair. So, know your hair and brush accordingly. Or not!

Let Hair Dry Naturally

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Don’t dry your hair with any artificial heat. Healthy hair does not like that at all! Blow drying them dies off the scalp and the hair get weak and starts breaking off. If you most definitely have to, dry them with the ‘set to cool’ option only. If you wash them at night, tie them in a bun and let them air-dry.

Trim Regularly

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Trimming is the easiest way to get rid of split ends and doing that regularly also gives you perfect hair. You don’t even have to go to a hair dresser for that. There are several YouTube tutorials that tell you how to trim your hair. Life has never been easier!

Use hair colour only when necessary

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Chemicals damage your hair big time! A lot of women with perfect hair have kept their own colour, resulting in no damage at all. Colouring your hair regularly gives it a fried texture which doesn’t feel good. All the hair processing colouring techniques are quire harmful for the hair so avoid them as much as you can!

Eat Healthy And Take Vitamins

A rich, healthy diet gives nutrients and vitamins that make your hair healthy and gorgeous. Eat lots of organic food, vegetables, red meat and take in a lot of calcium to make your hair strong and shiny.
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Follow these guidelines to get a chance to show off your perfect hairstyle on your wedding. Pamper them and give them the best natural treatment they deserve! Share your natural remedies with us that keep your hair healthy and gorgeous.
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