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How To Not Lose Your Wedding Jewelry On Your Honeymoon!

March 13, 2018
How To Not Lose Your Wedding Jewelry On Your Honeymoon!

You are married!! It’s time to fly away with your life partner and spend that quality time away from everyone! You wore gorgeous pieces on each day of the wedding but you definitely won’t be taking all of them with you. Some pieces, however, can go see the world with you and your partner. BUT they too need some protection so you don’t lose the ultimate symbol of your love! All you need is a strategy to keep them safe and flaunt them at the same time. Let’s have a look at how you can do that:

To The Airport

If you are a 100% sure that you can’t take care of some pieces, leave them behind! Your everyday jewelry can stay with you, but if you have to carry some valuable ones, keep them in the carry-on and not with the rest of your luggage. Airports are a crowded place so keep your jewelry with you at all times. 


Time To Swim Or Snorkel

So you have booked a room in a beach resort and what’s the first thing you do? You go swimming! Make sure to leave your rings in the room safe first. Water can shrink your fingers, making the ring slip out and the ocean is not friendly enough to help you find your ring! 


Hiking And Exploring The Place

Hiking can get pretty tiring and tough and think about all the sweating! That can cause stains on your ring or even make it loose with moisture. The trail with all those trees, branches and stones can cause scratches on your bracelet so make sure you take care of that!


Going Shopping And Dinner Later!

Most of the popular honeymoon places are filled with thieves who can even tell the difference between artificial and real jewelry. If you absolutely have to wear jewelry, your ring would be fine, but you can also turn that inwards so that only the band can be seen, just for safety on some places. 


A Little Research Is Always Helpful

One other useful and extremely helpful thing that you can do is to research about the kind of jewelry people are wearing at your honeymoon location nowadays. It they are following a specific fashion trend, you can go for that jewelry so you easily blend in with the crowd, making you a difficult target for the thieves.


All we want is for you to have a safe and wonderful honeymoon. Spend that quality time with your husband, take lots of pictures and make lots of memories! And now that you know how to travel with your wedding jewelry without worrying about it, bon voyage!

Do you have any honeymoon jewelry advice to give to the newlyweds? Comment below to help!