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Honeymoon Islands For Your Perfect Getaway: Yes, They Exist!

June 27, 2018
Honeymoon Islands For Your Perfect Getaway: Yes, They Exist!

Right after the wedding date is confirmed, and even before that, we know every couple starts planning their honeymoon before everything else. Turkey, Malaysia, Phuket Island, Paris, just some of the locations everyone lists down to spend a good amount of time for their honeymoon there. Far away from all these places are some islands that are famous for honeymoon spots, and rightly so. They come under the category of honeymoon islands, providing an unforgettable experience to the newly-wed couples looking for something different and away from the crowds. has listed down some of them for you to add them in your bucket list and spend your honeymoon there this time:

Corsica Island, France

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From hidden sands, to enchanting cuisines, hilltops and fascinating hiking trails, this island has every ingredient you need to make a memorable honeymoon. You want nice retreats you have it. You want wilderness, you have it. This island is your perfect honeymoon getaway.

Tioman Island, Malaysia

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The dreamiest beaches you will come across in Malaysia! Tioman island has the warmest, clearest water with soothing sand and an adventure-filled jungle to explore. You can also visit the fishing villages nearby and meet the locals for a delicious seafood lunch!

Santorini Island, Greece

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Many newlyweds have this place on their bucket list, so a lot of you must be quite familiar with it. This is the kind of place that you don’t want to leave once you get there. If romance was a place, it would be the capital of this Santorini itself! That sums it all up! The striking contrast of blue water with white architecture is breathtaking, especially when there are blossoms everywhere!

Praslin & La Digue Island, Seychelles

Now that’s a place you have never heard of before! Located in the African region, both the islands are connected by ferry transport that you can take to go back and forth. The adventurous thing about this place is that you can explore both islands on bike too! The La Digue island also has a UNESCO listed nature reserve, Vallee de Mai, where you can stroll together underneath the palm trees, talking about the future together.

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Nevis Island, St. Kitts and Nevis Federation

If you both are a bit of old school, this is the perfect honeymoon island for you. located in the Caribbean Sea, the architecture of the hotels or any other accommodation that you will be living in has historic feels to it. You will feel like you have traveled through a time machine! Long drives and long hikes are the ultimate bonding experience here, so get your bags ready and go for it! Reportedly, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle also spent their secret honeymoon here! All the more reason to come here!


Are you guys ready to spend your honeymoon on these scenic honeymoon islands? Ditch the usual places and go for something different this time! Happy Honeymooning!