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Here's How You Can Save Money On Bridal Shower

February 1, 2018
Here's How You Can Save Money On Bridal Shower

Whether it’s your bestie of your sister getting hitched – just as the wedding bells start to ring, it’s time to surprise the bride with a wonderful party. But throwing a bridal shower doesn’t mean you have to max out your credit card. We are going to share few effective tips to arrange an amazing bridal shower on a limited budget:

Choose Your Home as Venue


Renting a restaurant hall or a party venue might be an unnecessary thing to spend on. Arrange the bridal shower in the comfort of your home. It would make your guests more comfortable and party more interactive. In case you don’t feel comfortable in your home, you can ask your friend to give some space in her home for few hours.

Keep Invitation Simple


Thanks to social media that has made life a lot easier! You don’t need to spend money on the invitation cards. Simply create a group and invite your friends through Facebook or Whatsapp. For those who don’t have time to stay active on social media, you can call them or make simple invitation cards.

Cook Food Yourself


A perfect way to show your cooking and baking skills! In order to make your bridal shower more cost effective, keep the cake and main course for yourself to cook; you could also ask your friend to help you by bringing a salad or dessert. There is nothing bad in asking some contribution from friends since you can only arrange too much. 

DIY the Decoration


You don’t need to hire a special planner for the arrangements and decorations. You can decorate the venue with simple and affordable decorative materials available on the nearest shop in your town, or even choose to go for some fun DIY decor. 

Don’t Go Overboard with the Decorations


You might feel tempted to splurge money on lavish decor but if you want to keep your party within the budget, you need to spend wisely on decorative items that you really want to display and save money for other important things coming your way. It’s a good idea to visit the discount stores having party decors materials like tablecloths, flowers, props and balloons etc. 

Add Games for Endless Fun

bridal shower game.jpg

While you’re indulged in celebrations of the most anticipated day of your bestie’s life, games will add more fun to the party. Bonus: you don’t have to spend anything for this endless fun! Games will make your party memorable.

Spending a lot of money on the bridal shower will not guarantee a memorable party too. To have a wonderful party, keep it simple and focus on the fun. Share more money saving ideas with us in the comment section below.