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Have ‘Neutrals’ Taken Over The Traditional Red and Maroon Bridals?

October 2, 2017
Have ‘Neutrals’ Taken Over The Traditional Red and Maroon Bridals?
Just the word ‘Desi Wedding’ conjures up images of royal attire of reds and maroons stunningly embellished with shimmery golds or silvers and brides loaded with chunky jewelry. A symbol of passion, femininity and strength, Red has always been the color that comes to mind when the wedding bells ring. But the trends have changed dramatically over the past few years. The ‘Less is More’ approach is no longer the mantra of the makeup artists only. Designers have also taken this road and started to channel minimalism into their bridal and formal collections.
neutraltone1.jpg neutraltone2.jpg Via: Republic Womenswear
Pastels and neutrals – as varied as driftwood gray, creamy latte, tea pink, peach, grey, silver, rose gold, off white, ivory and many more are the colors that ramps and weddings are now graced with. Top fashion designers have successfully traded the mainstream red and maroon bridal color palette with the neutrals and the result is sheer perfection and royal splendor.
Still clinging to your fantasy maroon dress? Even the most talked about Pakistani wedding was not in favour of the traditional red. When our favorite girl Urwa Hocane planned to get hitched, she ditched the red and gracefully donned neutrals on both her Nikkah and Barat functions. That magnificient and dreamy peach bridal gown dipped in silver embellishments will make you forget about all the desi hues. Model Farwa Kazmi also donned a sizzling neutral by Faraz Manan at her reception.
neutrals1.jpg neutrals2.jpg neutral3.jpg neutral4.jpg
If you’re still in doubt, there is nothing more reassuring than the head turning grey and ivory bridal masterpieces featured in Faraz Manan’s Viceroy collection. The grandiose of these majestic pastel lehenga cholis and gowns will turn you into the queen that you’ve always wanted to be on your Big day.
neutral5.jpg neutral6.jpg
This is not to say that reds and maroons are completely gone out of the picture. Designers are still incorporating the good old color in their designs. You can wear the neutrals while still materializing your dream of wearing red on the Big Day. Tena Durrani’s fusion of red with an exquisite color palette of mint green and silver is here to save the day.