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Gold vs Platinum: What's Better For Your Ring?

November 15, 2017
Gold vs Platinum: What's Better For Your Ring?
Gold and Platinum; the most commonly used metals for wedding and engagement rings. Both of them are unique in their own ways yet similarities exist between the two. Let’s find out and make it easier for you to choose the one that will suit you on your big day!


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The main differentiating physical property between both metals is their color. While gold is yellow, platinum is white. Gold can appear white when you plate it with some rhodium but that will fade to yellow gold over time and would require re-polishing and re-plating. Platinum on the other hand is naturally white and will not fade to yellow. Many jewelers give a lifetime warranty to their customers that covers re-polishing and re-plating the white plated gold ring.


Platinum is expensive as compared to gold. Both the metals are strong and durable, but platinum is denser which requires more amount of the metal to make a ring. 14k gold is 58% gold only so platinum is expensive when it comes to money. If you want to buy a gold ring, you should make sure to go with 14K instead of 18k. 18k is softer than 14k and will scratch easily despite its expensive cost.


Both metals are durable and strong, but platinum is more durable. The prongs that hold the center stone of the platinum ring is less likely to break as compared to gold ring that has more chances of breaking. Platinum is a softer metal as compared to gold that is a hard metal. It will get scratched easily but there’s also a hidden advantage to that. When platinum gets scratched, it forms a ‘patina finish’ on the surface which makes it look like an antique. Gold on the other hand has no such quality to it and the scratch will look like a scratch making it look a little rough. However, there is an option of re-polishing both the metals, but most people desire the patina finish on platinum.


Platinum is hypoallergenic while some people can have a reaction from the nickel alloy used in the gold rings. Moreover, platinum is dense which makes it heavier, so most people go for gold because of its light weight and comfort.

Alternative to Gold and Platinum – Palladium

Nature has something for everyone! A person looking for a ring with the price of gold but characteristics of platinum has the option of buying Palladium. It is naturally white like platinum and is worth closer to a 14k gold ring. It is also hypoallergenic like platinum so a you might just have the best of both worlds on your big day!
Choosing a ring for such a special day can be very hard. With a good budget, you can go for platinum, but with a low budget you can go for gold or palladium. Every ring, after all, require some form of maintenance and care so all you have to do is to make sure you buy from a good jeweler who gives you a lifetime warranty of re-polishing, cleaning and re-plating the rings! So, have you made up your mind for the right ring yet? Tell us in the comments below your preferred choice!