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Four Basic Factors to Consider While Choosing the Right Caterer for Destination Wedding

March 12, 2018
Four Basic Factors to Consider While Choosing the Right Caterer for Destination Wedding

It goes without saying that planning a destination wedding is a nerve-wracking phase of your life. From finding a venue of your dreams to the delicious food you serve to your guests, everything seems like the biggest challenge! When it comes to the selection of the caterer, unlike local weddings it seems difficult and at times impossible to visit the destination, find a caterer yourself and taste the food. You can, for sure, get help from a wedding coordinator or planner to do the job on your behalf. Despite that, there are few mandatory things you must know if you are interested in hiring a caterer local to the destination. 

1. Check the Price Tag:

Be it a local wedding or a destination one, your budget is the most important factor. You would find several caterers from the destination that may seem to fit your budget but you need to ask every detail of the prices, whether they are tax-inclusive not. If you are getting married somewhere abroad, convert their prices to PKR and determine whether they match your budget. You may also see a slight difference in prices which is fine, as naturally you need to stay flexible regarding your wedding caterer.  Also, check if your guest list is not too long to put a burden on your budget. 

2. Determine Whether Your Caterer is Available or Not:

Check out what season you are getting married in your chosen destination. In order to determine the availability of the caterer, the same rule applies. You need to keep in mind whether it is the wedding season in your chosen destination. Because then most people would be booking the caterers in that particular area and, you may end up with non-availability of one. So, it is better to search for the caterer at least a month before your wedding.

3. Select the Right Menu that Everyone Loves:

The most important decision you are going to make is to choose the right menu. In case of an international destination, the menu becomes a very important factor for everyone. Consider whether the menu is aligned with your culture and preferred by the guests. Make sure the menu is gluten-free if any of your guests have the gluten allergy.  The best way to plan the right menu is to give the caterer a customized menu list. 

4. Reputation Matters, Regardless of the Venue:

You don’t want your big day to be ruined because of the caterer you choose. Whether it is about setting up the tables or preparation of the food, every detail matters and equally puts a challenge when you decide to get married away from home! Make sure your caterer is reputable and well known in the community. Check their online reviews, this is a good way to have first-hand opinion about your caterer. Or you can ask your wedding coordinator to check the reviews from local community, who is looking after this phase on your behalf.  

We are sure you must have an idea now about how to begin your search for your destination wedding caterer. If you have something to add, hit the comment section below. For more info on planning your destination wedding, keep visiting!