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Floor Seating Arrangement Is Back And We Are So In Love With It All Over Again!

August 2, 2018
Floor Seating Arrangement Is Back And We Are So In Love With It All Over Again!

Wedding functions, nowadays, are celebrated for a full week with complete zeal and zest. Couples are putting a lot of efforts into making their festivities memorable for everyone. From wedding décor to dance preparation, the couples-to-be are directing a lot of their focus on the details. One of the major element is the seating arrangement which is always a harrowing task since you have to keep in mind many factors when deciding on a particular arrangement. Floor seating, ladies and gentlemen, is back in fashion and many couples are going for it. Like in the past, you will find floor seating mostly on Mehndi or dholki functions because these give you more freedom to experiment with different décor elements. Here we are going to share some amazing tips and inspirations for you to have the perfect floor seating arrangement on your wedding day:

1. Wedding Decor

Floor-seating (21).jpg Floor-seating (6).jpg (1)

Whether it's an outdoor tented wedding or an open-air affair, you can still have a floor seating arrangement for your wedding guests. The most important thing to consider is your wedding décor, you cannot have an informal seating arrangement i.e. floor seating with a formal décor. You need to bring boho chic-ness feels to your décor to match the floor seating style. Make sure that you use a lot of wildflowers and greenery for decorating your outdoor wedding venue. Colourful cushions are our favourite when it comes to elevating your seating décor. 

2. Your Guestlist

Floor-seating (15).jpg

With a floor seating arrangement, you also have to consider the age group. The biggest turn away for your floor seating will be your elderly guests. It will be a very good idea to have extra chairs at your venue for the guests who are unable to sit on the floor. 

3. Comfortability

Floor-seating (7).jpg (1)

Comfort is another factor to consider. While planning your seating for your outdoor occasion, you need to ask a few questions to yourself;

  • Is your floor seating arrangement comfortable for your guests?
  • Are you placing enough cushions for everyone?
  • Is your seating style going with your overall décor?
  • Is the height of your wedding center tables comfortable for your guests?
  • What is your alternative plan, if the first one fails?

Floor seating plan is perfect for vibrant occasions like Mehndi and it can take your celebrations and of course your wedding décor to a completely new level.