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Five Ways to Revamp Your Lehenga After the Wedding

July 10, 2017
Five Ways to Revamp Your Lehenga After the Wedding

It takes a lot of effort to select a perfect wedding dress – matching the colors and choosing the intricate details with perfect design. With all the hullabaloos, excitement and a happy ending, the wedding function ends. But what about that expensive masterpiece that you conjured up after so much effort? Would you really want to pack it up and waste it away?

Well, good news – you can revamp your wedding dress without having to waste away all those dollars you dished out for your special outfit. Read on to know amazing ways to revamp your wedding dress and use it again to your advantage.

Revamping Way #1: Break Your Bridal Dress:


The first step to re-using your dress is to break it; choli, dupatta, and lehenga. You can wear that embroidered choli with any other plain sari or a gharara. Whether the color is matching with the choli or comes in contrast, it’s your choice. Dupatta being heavily embroidered can be worn with any plain silk suit or a simple dress made out of any other fabric. You can wear it with Shalwar Kameez, Churidaar pajama, or even a shirt with straight cut trouser.

Revamping way #2: Add on Some Pieces


Being too heavily embellished makes a lehenga difficult to wear on other occasions. You can wear your bridal dress on your siblings’ or a friend’s wedding, but that would be stealing the bride’s spotlight. To lessen the embellishments of the dress, you can add other pieces too. You can wear a long jacket or a shrug to balance the heavy embroidery.

Revamping way #3: Mix and Match


If your bridal dress is too heavily embellished, then swap your blouse and dupatta with a simple one. You could simply wear your embellished lehenga with a simpler blouse or the vice versa. This way you can use your bridal dress on other functions as well.

Revamping way #4: Saree Out of Your Dupatta


Thanks to your bridal dupatta, you can turn it into a stunning saree. Attach a plain colored three-meter cloth to your dupatta. Make sure the color is matched with dupatta; use the same bridal blouse, or can get a new blouse stitched. Isn’t it an amazing way to have a new saree?

Revamping way #5: Cut Your Wedding Dress


If your wedding dress is too old and outdated, you can cut down the motifs and borders and use it on any other plain saree or a plain Shalwar Kameez. 

Now that you know how to re-use your bridal lehenga, don’t wrap that special dress and keep in the cupboard forever. Revamp your dress in the above-mentioned ways and flaunt your new gorgeous dress in wedding functions.