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Five Ways to Hire a Killer Wedding Planner

January 27, 2017
Five Ways to Hire a Killer Wedding Planner
Having your wedding planned by expert planners is the best way to get all the arrangements done and stay sane at the same time! Although it is not easy to plan your big day given the fact you are entangled in other arrangements such as finding your dream bridal dress or booking your favorite salon. There is one thing that needs your attention i.e. finding the right wedding planner. It becomes important to consider a professional who could take care of your event when you are engaged in lining up other important things. A wedding planner can be your caterer or even decorator; many caterers offer planning services as well so it can make your task easier.
If you are really intending to hire a wedding planner and finding it difficult to how to pick one, you don’t need to get worried. Because today I am sharing a few killer tips to help you in making a decision.

Do Your Research and See What Options Are Available

Thanks to technology for making our lives a lot easier. To save time and energy, check out the wedding planners’ website, their photos, and even videos, if available. Check, if the colors, décor, and lighting is in line with the theme and cohesive or is there any specific style that makes the planner outstanding. To have a clearer idea, check their services and even clients: this would depict their experts in the area. Above all, see what kind of style do you prefer: simple or an extravagant one. For instance, if every setup displays glamor and luxury, then it’s not the right planner for you.

Consult Your Friends or Relatives:

consult with family.jpg
Your friends can be a good source: they have been to this experience already! Ask them and find out which vendor they chose for their wedding, and how did they find out a perfect one. You may not get the complete information, but it can help you start your hunt and an idea about what style or theme you can go for.

Contact Your Chosen Planner:


After selection, the list that you have prepared of potential planners, ask them about the types of planning, services, and the price range they offer. If they suit your budget and fulfill your requirement, set the time for the meeting.

Meet the Vendors and See Their Portfolio

wedding planner portfolio.jpg
If you have decided a certain theme, or have any magazine or photos for the reference, show those materials to the vendors. You can check their portfolio and ask about the types of themes they have arranged. Also, see if you really can work with them or not. It’s better to convey your ideas too and check if they can work on it.

Consult with their Clients for reference to Make an Informed Decision

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In order to make it to your complete satisfaction, ask their clients about their services. Ask them how well did they plan their wedding? Did they really stick to their budget? Are their services worth spending? And finally, you can ask for the pictures of the arrangements. If they have really met the requirements, then go for it.
Final Word: Planning a wedding is a tiresome task. Being the big day of your life, it should be the perfect one. If you follow this guide, I promise you will have a perfectly planned wedding.