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Everything You Need To Know About Resizing Your Engagement Ring

September 15, 2017
Everything You Need To Know About Resizing Your Engagement Ring
So, you have just said ‘yes’ to the person you love; he puts the ring on your finger…And its loose! Let’s consider another situation. You are about to get engaged and it’s the moment where the groom is about to slip the ring on your finger. All the guests are watching and despite all the hassle of getting the right size, the ring takes a hard push to get on the finger. That sure is an awkward situation, but you get past that and there’s an option of resizing the ring! Before going through the process, here are some of the things that you should know:

Some Beforehand Thinking First!

Before you decide to resize your ring, try to find out how tight or loose a ring should be for it to be considered as the correct size! A properly adjusted ring should feel a little bit tight while it actually is not. It should easily slip on your finger, but come off a little harder with a slight brush against your skin.

Is The Ring Re-sizable?

Metals like silver, platinum and gold can be adjusted but there also needs to be enough room on the ring for the work to be done. Eternity bands on the other hand cannot be resized because the stones on it means there is no metal to work with. Moreover, if the ring size has to go up or down more than two sizes, it can ruin the design because of stress caused by the tools.

Resizing To A Smaller Size

It is common practice here to tie a thread around the ring so it doesn’t come off. But that does not look good and ruins the elegance of the ring. Resizing would be the right decision here. Compressing the ring to a smaller size is easier as the jeweler just have to cut a small portion and join the pieces back together. After the pieces are attached back, the ring is cleaned of any oxidation caused during the process. Next comes the polishing process which hides any detail or the ring being resized. Even in this process, the uniform bands or plain shanks are pretty easy to resize, but the ornate rings or other rings that carry a certain design around the band are difficult to resize. They have to be remade entirely.

Resizing To A Larger Size

This is the tricky part because this process is done by stretching and that has its limits. A ring’s size cannot be increased to more than half the size and this also depends on the design. The process also requires reworking as additional pieces of metal are inserted in the gaps to increase the size.

Designs That Cannot Be Resized At All!

Now, this might be hard to accept, but there are certain designs that cannot be resized or worked on. Eternity rings with gems all over it is very tough to resize. Stainless steel, tungsten and titanium rings are also impossible to resize because of their materialistic properties.

Alternatives To Resizing

An alternative to resizing a loose ring would be to add sizing beads to the inside of your ring which will let the ring to stay put and not spin around your finger.
It is advisable and important that you check out all the important details first before stepping into this process. Your ring is a symbol of your lasting bond to your loved one and should not go through any unnecessary changes, so take precautions beforehand and save yourself from all the wait and hassle!