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Destination Wedding Gift Etiquettes You Should Follow

May 19, 2017
Destination Wedding Gift Etiquettes You Should Follow
You have just said yes to the invitation of your friend’s destination wedding in Thailand. With all the travel preparation, the question comes to your mind, whether you should spend a considerable amount of money on the wedding gift. The fact that you are already spending on traveling cost and accommodation, wedding gift etiquettes state that it is considerate to buy a gift, be it a budget-friendly option. In this article, five core and useful tips are given to keep the couple happy and let them remind they are special to you.

Consider Affordable Gift Option:

photo frame.jpg
After spending too much on traveling, you should not feel guilty about considering an inexpensive gift. You can gift the couple a nice photo frame or an album where they can secure the photographs of this amazing experience.

Think about ‘Experience Gift’:

DW etiquettes 3.jpg

When it comes to gifts, you don’t always have to spend money on kitchen accessories or other household items. You can go beyond this traditional option and give them some kind of experience gifts such as a membership to some club or museum or even buy a session from cooking classes for the bride or buy them a spa package. This way, you will have a meaningful contribution as well as the couple will appreciate this great idea.

'Group Gift' is a Good Idea:

group gift.jpg

This is a great idea if the guests cannot afford to put the burden on their budget. You can pool with friends or family members to buy a gift for the couple. Group gift is a good way to show your love for the couple without feeling guilty of giving an affordable gift!

Or, No Gift at All!

DW etiquette 5.jpg
Being able to travel to the destination for the couple is the biggest gesture of showing your love and care. If you are really tight on budget, simply give the couple a nice card thanking and wishing them a happy life together. After all, your presence is the biggest gift you can give to them.

‘Pay for Your Plate’ as a Contributing and Thanking Gesture:

DW etiquette 6.jpg
The core purpose of the destination wedding gift is to contribute to what the couple is spending on you as a guest. By contributing, you are saying, they mean to you so much!
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