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Creative Ways to Incorporate Your Wedding Hashtag into Your Décor

March 5, 2018
Creative Ways to Incorporate Your Wedding Hashtag into Your Décor

Hashtags are no more confined to the Instagram, twitter or facebook only. When it comes to #weddingdécor, adding hashtags is a popular trend that one cannot resist. A good news is that it is not a tough task to add a few trendy hashtags in your wedding. It depends on your choice as for how you want to go for these cute additions. We are going to tell you a few creative ways that will make sure your guests will remember your wedding.

#1. Direct through Hashtags:

direction through hashtags (2).jpg

Directions are what guests won’t miss at all; they need to be guided regarding the ceremony. You can add directions using these hashtags.

#2. Mix and Match Novelty Names:


Consider your names first or last, and try mix and match these names to create your novelty hashtag names. For example, if your name is Laila, match it with ‘#Majnu’, or #SoniyeBaliye. Super fun, isn’t it?

#3. Add Your Initials Only:

initials hashtags.jpg

If you are not comfy with these name twists, keep initials only instead of full names. It is a good way to reflect a sense of bond between you and your life partner! 

#4. Wedding Cake Hashtag:

wedding cake hashtags.jpg

This is surely a unique way to hashtag your wedding. You can add short wedding hashtags such as #justmarried or # happilyeverafter. 

#5. Tag Your Location:

tag your venue.jpg

What location have you chosen? If it’s a beautiful destination wedding then add your destination in hashtags, for example, #SayingQaboolHaiInBali! Or even if it is not, you can add something like #NikkahfiedInLahore!

#6. Turn the Nickname Game On:


If you and your groom are lucky enough to have nicknames, this is a time to let everyone know about it! adding a hashtag like #SunnywedsAinny is a cute addition. *hearts*

#7. Highlight the Menu:

menu hashtag.jpeg

Everyone loves food! So highlighting dinner area with #Menu or #FoodIsHere is a perfect spot to grab everyone’s attention. For more creative approach, put short hashtags on drink sticks.

#8. Welcome Hashtags:

welcome hashtags.jpg

Welcome your wedding guests in a unique way by adding a big board displaying #Welcome! A warm welcome that everyone loves and feels appreciated. 

Leave your guests amazed by these creative and fun hashtags and let them take your wedding as an inspiration! More ideas are yet to come from Stay tuned with us!