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Choosing Jewelry That Complements Your Face Structure

March 14, 2018
Choosing Jewelry That Complements Your Face Structure

Picking out the jewelry that goes perfectly with your bridal dress is a tricky part. The most important part of a wedding is choosing jewelry that goes perfect with the dress but at the same time also complements your face structure. It is not just the dress and the trend that you have to keep in mind but also the shape of your face. Let us guide you in making this difficult journey a relatively easy one.

Round-shaped Face

Chandelier earrings and a long necklace that extends below your neckline is a perfect match for this shape. Tear drop earrings as well as oval and square shaped earrings will also make a good match. Avoid round cut gemstones or diamonds and round shaped earrings.

FaceStructure2.jpg FaceStructure1.jpg

Oval Shaped Face

This shape allows you a lot of versatility when it comes to jewelry. You can equally flaunt long as well as short necklaces and play around with angular-shaped danglers and big hoops. However, avoid extra-long earrings. 

FaceStructure3.jpg FaceStructure4.jpg

Rectangular shaped face

Choker necklace with short round earrings are a perfect combo for this shape. Button earrings also complement the rectangular shape, however stay clear from square and rectangular earrings.

FaceStructure5.jpg FaceStructure6.jpg (2)

Heart shaped face

With the narrow chin area, short chokers and necklaces with teardrop earrings or danglers give an elongated look to the face. Triangular and long cylindrical danglers look best on this shape. Small studs and earrings are not your best options.

FaceStructure7.jpg FaceStructure8.jpg (1)

Forehead Consideration

Choosing a Maang Tikka is relatively easy. a heavy maang tikka with a matha patti would look perfect on a broad forehead while a small tikka goes best on a small forehead. 

FaceStructure9.jpg FaceStructure10.jpg (1)

You can completely change your look when considering your face structure for jewelry. That does not mean that you will look outdated because the jewelry is not in trend; but you can incorporate the same design and trend into something that suits your face. With so much money being spent on jewelry, why not do it the right way?