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Bizarre Beliefs About Bridal Jewelry That Will Leave You Leave You In Shock!

August 15, 2017
Bizarre Beliefs About Bridal Jewelry That Will Leave You Leave You In Shock!
The most important thing after the wedding dress? Jewelry. A wedding is never complete without it. Its design and style are given a deep thought to before finalizing it for the big day. But we bet you did not know what each jewelry represents! So, let’s get ready for a shock as we reveal it for you.


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Legend has it that the evil spirits can enter the human body through its openings and ornaments like earrings were believed to protect the body and stop the spirits. A little piece of jewelry with so much responsibility on it! Take care of your earrings, ladies!


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According to the Ancient Romans, the vein from the ring finger runs directly to the heart thus forming a direct and strong bond. This became a priceless belief which has carried on for centuries. In case you are still wondering, this is definitely why people still wear their engagement ring on one specific finger only.


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A bride leaves her house and family behind to enter into someone else’s life. They sure do deserve a proper welcome and have their presence heard! What better way than to announce that by wearing an anklet that speaks for itself with a loud tinkling sound. An anklet is meant to let everyone know about the arrival of the bride at her husband’s house. Quite an entrance!

Bangles and Armband

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You have probably seen in the movies how women dramatically break their bangles when they hear of their husband’s death. So, bangles represent luck and safety for a woman’s husband. The designs and color do vary and have different meanings attached to them with green symbolizing prosperity and fertility. Armband on the other hand was a must jewelry piece for the queens as well as the kings. It symbolized ability, and strength that are thought to be vital for the bride starting her new life.

Maang Tikka

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One of the most exquisite piece of jewelry that is a must for every bride! The single jewel string is held by the hook at the center parting of the hair, with a pendant dangling on the forehead. The circular pendant symbolizes the holy union of the bride and groom on a physical, emotional and spiritual level.


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Hold your seats now because this particular piece of jewelry has 3 different representations! It is claimed that women who have their nose pierced on their left side experience less period pain and have an easy childbirth. Further on, this belief shifted to bride’s virginity. It is believed that when the husband first takes off his bride’s nath on their wedding night, she no longer remains a virgin. However, the nath also represents the financial power of the bride’s in-laws depending upon the size of the nath.
Cultural diversity and traditional beliefs sure surprised us here, didn’t they? Who knew these pieces of jewelry had such strong representations attached to them! Do you know about any other beliefs attached to bridal jewelry pieces? Let us know!