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A Carnival of Colors – Oudh Bridal Collection By Nomi Ansari

April 2, 2017
A Carnival of Colors – Oudh Bridal Collection By Nomi Ansari
Festive, fun and flirty, Nomi Ansari’s bridal creations evoke true essence of celebration. The infusion of Nomi Ansari’s trademark vibrant colors with the intricacy of embellishments and motifs never ceases to steal the hearts of many. As always, his mesmerizing bridal collection – Oudh received wide appreciation and acclaim. This magnificent collection features breathtaking floral embellishments and drool-worthy silhouettes. These carefully chosen list of bridals will get you ready to celebrate the festivity of colors.


As the name suggests, this masterpiece has intoxicated us with its flamboyant floral embellishments and sheer splendor of gold and silver sequin work. You can make this dress yours from here.

nomi1.jpg 1.jpg

Emerald Utopia

Talk about a realm of euphoria where festivity never ends and skies are painted in a thousand different colors. This gem stunningly dips colors of life – aqua, emerald and sea green in a brilliant web of sequins and dabka work to create Emerald Utopia.

3.jpg 2.jpg (1)

Rose Quartz

Dipped in Rose Quartz patterns, this digitally printed lehenga in gold handwork is brimming with the spirit of celebration. The net dupatta sprinkled with sequins adds a subtle delicacy making this one our hot favorite.

3.jpg (2) 4.jpg (1)

Silver Blossom

This bridal jewel weaves a tale of blossoming romance that’d be told for ages to come. We witnessed pure magic when Nomi Ansari paired that canary yellow blouse with the vivid floral embroidery of net lehenga. You can get this stunning piece from here.

6.jpg (1) 5.jpg (1)

Vivid Coral

Words get lost when this bridal masterpiece comes up and its coral divinity speaks for itself. Pink and coral with the bursts of purple and gold embroidery exude festivity in its finest form. Make it yours from here.

7.jpg 8.jpg
All these wonders of vibrant hues are available on to color you happy on your wedding day.
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