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8 TOP Pakistani Jewelry Designers You Must Shop From For Your Big Day!

December 20, 2017
8 TOP Pakistani Jewelry Designers You Must Shop From For Your Big Day!

With wedding season just around the corner, it gets difficult to shop for jewelry when you can’t decide what to wear. Jewelry is one of the major parts of a wedding so giving it its due importance is a fair step to take. Several Pakistani designers have emerged over the years with impeccable jewelry designs that are flourishing day by day. Here are some of the top jewelers to help you get shopping for your jewelry:

Hamna Amir


An entrepreneur and a designer, Hamna Amir is an accomplished and well-known name in the world of jewelry designing. Her authentic gemstones and craftsmanship and her collaboration with the biggest names in the fashion industry has helped her make her name internationally as well. She brings quality aesthetics to life with a fresh approach, using the finest gemstones, vibrant color palettes, dramatic bold pieces complemented with feminine classic design and exquisite workmanship.

Argentum Designer Jewelry by Nadia Chotani:


Nadia Chotani initiated Argentum designer jewelry as a fourth generation of her family. Her aesthetics and design reflect her passion for colors, luxury and quality inspired from a variety of striking gemstones. She uses that inspiration to develop jewelry that complements the dress in every way.

Shafaq Habib House of Jewelry:


Shafaq Habib finds inspiration in South Asian traditional designs but also adds an unconventional touch to them. Her designs are based on experimenting to form unique pearls and gemstones shapes and  balance them with Diamond and Gold Jewelry.



A well-established brand that blends culture and tradition with a hint of modernity and luxury. The exceptional stonework and unique designs have helped the brand earn a great reputation in the fashion industry.

Samreen Vance House of Jewels:


The go-to jewelry if you want statement pieces with bold colors and oriental aesthetics. Her striking pieces are embellished with the finest stones that reflect the diversity of traditional subcontinent style.

Zaheen Kamran:


Zaheen Kamran was among the first batch to graduate from Pakistan Institute of Fashion Designing. Her jewelry is woven together with Marjoos, plated with 22 carat rhodium or gold and set with pearls and stones to create a contemporary, traditional and an ethnic look.

Ayati Designer Jewelry:


A well-known, versatile brand what formulates its aesthetics by using pure gemstones, sparkling colors, bold jewelry pieces, and finest metal work to complement feminism. Their Mughal inspired bridal sets, gold chains and maalas are some of their best work that you can go for.

Neemar by Shazia Deen:


Neemar has continued to bring change and set trends in the jewelry industry of Pakistan. Their diamond setting styles and polka infusions have given a completely unique range to the brides. Their practical and proficient designs make them a good competition in the market.

With such talented jewelry designers in the country, the brides now have a lot more choices to shop from. The striking, luxurious and quality products gracefully paints the bride with a glorious and royal look for her big day. Which jewelry designer would you go to for your wedding?