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7 Ultimate Hair Accessories For Modern-Day Bride

September 27, 2017
7 Ultimate Hair Accessories For Modern-Day Bride
As a culturally diverse nation, we have lots and lots of accessories to play with for the wedding. Here’s a list of some accessories that you can try on for a variety of wedding events:

Jeweled Chains

Ultimate Hair Accessories1.jpg
Popular among modern brides, jeweled chains are the new version of the tradition maang tikka that bedazzle your hairstyle. For a more traditional version, you can also add up a dangly detail to mix up the look.


Ultimate Hair Accessories2.jpg
These come in different shapes and styles and can be worn in a variety of manners. A neutral colored headband would go perfect with any dress. You can swap it with the traditional tikka and get one in classy pearls, fiery gold and icy silver, or exquisite rhinestones on your bridal shower.

Floral Head Wreath

Ultimate Hair Accessories3.jpg
This particular accessory is especially popular in engagement and mehndi functions. Let your stunning curls loose or wear a low bun, just don a blossoming wreath and you are good to let that ring slide on your finger or get your hands graced with henna!


Ultimate Hair Accessories4.jpg
Very modern and chic for your bridal shower! You feel like a princess on your wedding day, why not look like one too by adding just this single piece to complete your attire? Tiaras come in different styles so choose wisely. Most of them are bulky and pointy so we would suggest something delicate like the one Margery Tyrell was wearing in Game of Thrones!


Ultimate Hair Accessories5.jpg (1)
It feels like we have forgotten about this beautiful traditional accessory that has been dolling us up in almost every mehndi function for ages! For years, I have only been familiar with the traditional version of a Paranda that has three strands with trendy dangling designs at the end of it; but it turns out that Parandas too exist is a variety of styles and designs. So, you have a lot of Parandas to choose from on your mehndi!

Fancy Pins

Ultimate Hair Accessories6.jpg
One of the most delicate looking hair accessory that completely blossoms up your hairstyle. I have come across them a lot now and despite seeing them on almost every bride, I still am not done with them. Brides with hair twists and side braids embed flowery pins and fancy pearls that look perfect with the delicate Walima attire.

Hair Combs

Ultimate Hair Accessories7.jpg
A must-have for your Nikkah! Hair combs portray a simple and elegant look that vogues up your hairstyle. They can be used on both long and short hair, and definitely glamour up your look for the next step of your life.
With the existence of such beautiful and modern hair accessories, who wouldn’t want to get married! Which hair accessory will you wear on your special day?