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6 Tips For Writing A Thoughtful Card To Give To The Bride And Groom On Their Wedding Day

August 1, 2018
6 Tips For Writing A Thoughtful Card To Give To The Bride And Groom On Their Wedding Day

Giving a beautiful congratulatory wedding card to the newlyweds, and expressing your love through it is a cute gesture which will definitely be cherished by the couple forever. Such a kind act will show your care and affection and how much you are thankful for the wedding invitation that you received. Buying a perfect wedding congratulatory card is not enough because what matters most is what’s written inside. For that very reason, we also want you to focus on the written part. The wedding card should display the emotional bond that you have with the couple. Turning your feelings into word is a difficult task and if you are really confused about what to write on the wedding card, then this article will help you till the end. Here we are going to share a few tips for writing a perfect wedding card for your newlywed friends:

1. Felicitations For The Newlywed Couple

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Weddings are an important occasion for the couple. It is a start of a new life for them which calls for week-long celebrations and best wishes. While writing a wedding card for the couple, make sure you keep in mind the relationship that you share with the couple. Your writing style will totally depend upon it; if you are close friends with the couple you can use informal language for congratulating them.

2. Be Personalized

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Your writing should reflect your personal feelings for the couple. If you are really close to the couple, you can describe the time when you met with the couple and how you feel about the couple. Let’s say, you have known the bride since childhood and you share a lot of memories together. So, you can talk about them to evoke the emotional feel but, also, don’t make it too long.

3. Welcoming The Couple

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It is always a good idea to write a few lines to welcome the bride or groom coming to your family on the wedding card. Such pleasing messages will make them feel comfortable and welcomed.

4. Thank You Note

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Planning a perfect wedding ceremony demands a lot of hard work and couple has to go through all the ups and downs of planning it. It is good to write a few lines paying your gratitude for inviting and arranging the entertaining wedding ceremonies including food and drinks.  By doing so, the couple will feel that their hard work has paid off.

5. Apologize To The Couple

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If you are unable to attend the festive occasion, you should convey your regrets for that matter. A simple line like “my apologies for not attending your wedding ceremonies” is enough. You don’t need to write a full description of why you didn’t attend.

6. Closing Remarks

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You should always end the card by writing sincere closing remarks like best regards, best wishes, lots of love, prayers on your way etc. to express your love for the couple. It does not matter whether you are using formal or informal tone for writing a wedding card, closing notes are compulsory.

Follow these tips, and you can write a perfect wedding card for the couple.