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6 Surprising Ways You Can Trim Your Cost of Wedding

March 12, 2018
6 Surprising Ways You Can Trim Your Cost of Wedding

A wedding is the biggest celebration of one’s life, and an expensive one too! While you plan your big day, the costs of your wedding may go up, regardless of how limited a budget you think you have set. There is always ‘just one more thing’ which adds up to the cost. Before you realize, you are hundreds of thousands of rupees above your budget. Thanks to the social pressure, which always demands too much. The good news is that you can easily reduce while planning your dream wedding. The key here is: no matter how tempted or pressurized you feel, do not exceed your budget, after all, there are many important post-wedding things waiting for you.

To trim down your cost surprisingly low, consider following ways:

1. Wedding Venues:

wedding venues.jpg

Wedding venues charge higher during the peak wedding season. Ask your preferred venue about the charges during off-the-season, as the prices are comparatively low. Moreover, look for the packages wedding venues offer during off-season. Many venues also offer rentals such as catering with no extra charges. You can choose venue with these rentals available, it would help you cut down additional cost on these aspects. 

2. Save on Stationery:

wedding stationery.jpg

Save the dates, invitation cards, thankyou cards, or even wrapping for wedding favors can sky-rocket your wedding expenditure. Fancy paper goods are expensive; so when you go shopping for stationery choose simpler yet beautiful cards. You can later get them laser printed which will turn these simple cards into elegant ones. There are many design templates, which can save your time and money. Similarly, pick favors for your Mehendi which don’t require paper wrapping for every individual favor, for example, you can make a bunch of bangles for girls and present them all in one basket.  

3. Opt for Less Expensive Flower Alternatives and D├ęcor:

affordable wedding decor.jpg

Most couples only have the knowledge about famous flowers and décor items which are usually expensive. It’s better to consult a florist who can tell you what alternatives you can choose with lesser amount, for example, Ranunculus are similar looking to roses as well as less expensive. Also, consider picking in-season flowers instead of off-season ones. You can also consider a venue which would require lesser décor, eventually helping you save extra money. 

4. Embrace a Good Wedding Planner:

embrace good wedding planner.jpg

Many people believe the notion that hiring a wedding planner is very expensive. While the fact is a good wedding coordinator saves you time and money as that way you can get all the discounts and find affordable vendors. But, remember to find a certified wedding planner. 

5. Trim Your Guest List:

trim wedding guest list.jpg

If you succeed in managing your guest list, you can absolutely control your budget. Remember, the caterers charge per head which means long guest list and an expensive wedding. Not only catering charges but also invitations, favors, tables and décor, wedding cake etc., will cost high.

6. Save Money on Entertainment:

wedding entertainment.jpg

Weddings are boring without music. To keep the cost low, hire a DJ instead of a musical band. Or you can arrange a DIY entertainment system as well. 

Want to share more tips on saving your wedding cost? Hit comment section.