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6 Honeymoon Activities for Adventurous Newlyweds

March 10, 2018
6 Honeymoon Activities for Adventurous Newlyweds

If you did not plan an adventurous destination wedding, you don’t need to feel sad about it. because the honeymoon is going to be the very first adventure for both of you as a Mr. and Mrs. Many couples dream of a relaxing honeymoon while lying on the beach or enjoy watching a sunset standing on the balcony of an all-inclusive resort. If you don’t fall into this category, an adventurous honeymoon is just waiting for you!

With the rise of social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook, the newlyweds are going away from celebrating traditional honeymoon to the adventurous one. Consider yourselves as the luckiest couple in the world if you share a same sense of adventure. You can turn your romantic getaway into an adventurous expedition by just selecting the RIGHT kind of activities for your honeymoon!

We suggest you consider at least one of the following activities and share with everyone on your Instagram to instill adventure and thrill:

1. River Rafting

river raftig.jpg

Your adventurous honeymoon is incomplete without river rafting. Whether you plan an excursion to Pacuare River in Costa Rica or to our very own Naran valley, you won’t do a justice to your adventurous honeymoon if you miss out this extremely thrilling activity.  Make sure you have a guide with you.  

2. Mountain Hiking:

mountain hiking.jpg

For those who are daring enough to hike a mountain, must gear up for the adventure of its own kind. Give your romantic getaway a touch of adventure by climbing up the majestic mountains of Indonesia or Alps!   

3. Skiing:


If you and the love of your life are an avid skier, make your honeymoon a bit more adventurous by skiing on snow-swept peaks of world’s most beautiful mountains. You must try world-famous beautiful ski resorts Pakistan such as Naltar or Malam Jabba skiing resort.   

4. Mountain Biking:

mountain biking honeymoon.jpg

When it comes to adventurous activities, the list is never ending! For a summer honeymoon adventure, head to the intriguing mountain biking. What can be more adventurous than cycling among the active volcanoes of Bali and Java? Don’t forget to include Bhutan in your adventure list if you are eager to experience the breathtaking scenery of Himalayas. 

5. Exploring a Rainforest:


Your honeymoon deserves some unique and unconventional experiences. Exploring an eco-friendly hideaway in Sri Lanka or South Bali is worth-remembering adventure that you would love to share the moments of adventure with your friends on your social platforms. 

6. Microlight Flights:


We can truly relate to the phrase ‘love is in the air’ when we consider microlight flights, also called paragliding. You will experience the heart racing adventure while paragliding above hundreds of feet above the ground with your love! A surefire way to add thrill and bone-chilling experience to your honeymoon. You can head to Chiang Mai, Thailand or Ella Adventure park, Sri Lanka for once in a life-time experience.

There are several honeymooning activities that you can pick. But these ones make sure your honeymoon is exciting and worth-remembering!