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5 Ways To Incorporate Pearls In Your Bridal Jewelry

July 15, 2017
5 Ways To Incorporate Pearls In Your Bridal Jewelry
Pearl jewelry is not entirely popular in Asian weddings, but they’re making their way across in a very simple and subtle manner. They are the first choice of western white weddings and not just because they can be worn for very long after the wedding, but because they have a history attached to them. We have rounded up some interesting facts and superstitions regarding pearls that will make you love pearls just a bit more. Pearls in the 1900s were only available to the royal and the rich who wore them on their special days, especially wedding. It became the symbol of the rich. Even today they are still worn by the royals. Queen Elizabeth II wore them on her wedding and Jackie Kennedy too wore a single strand of necklace the day she got married.

Pearl and Kundan Set

Incorporate Pearls2.png.jpg
Kundan has been on a roll this season for bridal jewelry. However, adding pearls in it makes it look classier and takes the traditional jewelry to another level of class.

Sea Blue Pearl Necklace Set

Incorporate Pearls3.png
The blue pearls with polka work bring freshness to the set accompanied by delicate pearl studded earrings. This would make a perfect jewelry set for the Walima reception.

Floral and Pearl Necklace Set

Incorporate Pearls4.png
Falling in line with the trend to embrace color in fine-jewelry pieces, the pairing of white Akoya cultured pearls with a cascade of fire opal, garnet and diamond in the multi-strand lariat necklace, Passion Fire is the perfect jewelry for your Nikah. The stones create a splash of color and form the centerpiece to the necklace. The beauty of the fire opals and garnets is highlighted by the quiet glow of the pearls against which they are set.

Victorian Pearl Rani Haar

Incorporate Pearls6.png.jpg
As grand as it can be, this beautiful set incorporates pearls in multi-strands, with the addition of gold or silver tone giving your attire a royal look.

Crescent Shaped Gold Pearl Choker Set

Incorporate Pearls7.png.jpg
A beautiful alternative for white pearls with a unique design. This crescent shaped choker pendant with different sized gold pearl chains are a perfect look for your barat.
Pearls are a classic choice in whichever way you use them. Embedding them in bridal sets gives it a refreshing look and no doubt brings lots of contentment to you! So who’s going to go for pearls this wedding season?