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5 Smart Ways for a Budget-Friendly Destination Wedding

December 19, 2017
5 Smart Ways for a Budget-Friendly Destination Wedding
Have you ever imagined that seemingly expensive destination wedding can turn out to be a really affordable one? It is okay if you have not yet thought about this aspect. Your dream wedding can turn out to be a budget-friendly destination wedding if you plan carefully. In this article, I am going to tell you few tips and tricks which will help you arrange a destination wedding within small budget.
Let’s read on to find out how can you celebrate your dream wedding within your set budget:

Chose the Theme and Design According to Local Elements:

budget friendly DW 2.jpg (1)
While selecting your venue, it is important to choose wisely. Look for the local elements, culture and design of the venue and make sure it suits your vision of the wedding. If you have chosen a certain destination, the design and style of the venue must be in line with the culture of the destination. For instance, if you plan to get married in some Asian destination but want a western theme will kill the purpose of choosing the destination in the first place. Rather it will put huge burden to your budget.

Make sure the Destination or Venue is Easily Reachable for Everyone:

budget-friendly-dw-3.jpg Via: Cosmin Danila Photography

This is very important to consider especially if you are planning a wedding at some international destination. You need to keep in mind the facts that documents such as visa and passport can make your wedding very expensive. Moreover, it is not necessary that your guests can afford the traveling costs. The passport and visa requirement for few places can make the planning process a complicated and expensive one.

Your Wedding is Possible Without Tents:

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You don’t need to add tent in your venue, mainly because it will require all other necessary equipment such as lighting, décor, flooring etc., which can be a huge blow to your budget. A trick is to choose a venue where you don’t need a tent, or it already contains a covered area, just in case weather turns unpredictable. You will save a lot of money while achieving a target of your budget-friendly dream wedding.

You Can Buy a Partial Resort, If Your Budget is Tight:

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There is no compulsion that you must pay for booking the entire resort. If your budget is not that high, ask the venue whether you can buy partial property. this is a good idea given the privacy of you and your guests. A word to the wise: consider a resort with different areas, because it is easier to buy a separate area than a whole resort. Similarly, if you want to book a hotel, keep your guest list limited and find rooms with discounts.

You Can Bring Your Own Vendors:

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If you want to follow your budget strictly, consider taking the vendors along with you or at least the one you consider the most important one. You can bring your own designer and then buy services from local labor such as florist or caterers.

If you are planning a destination wedding, let us know what tricks you are going to apply to save on budget. Stay tuned for more information on destination weddings with