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5 Photography Trends You Want to Steal for Your Baraat Day!

May 27, 2017
5 Photography Trends You Want to Steal for Your Baraat Day!
Baraat is the day when bride experiences mixed emotions (and we, girls understand it better)- from excitement to starting a new life to the sadness of leaving her parents’ home. Not even bride her family to, Sobs! Amongst these emotions, there is one element that makes the bride happy and even more concerned than anything; and it remains with her forever- her photo shoot. Gone are the days, when every couple used to pose in a typical way. Today, different photography trends have surpassed this conventional way. Now couples like more creative ways to capture the moments from the biggest day of their lives. A few of these trending ideas that for Baraat event are enlisted below:

1. Drone Photography

baraat photography 1.png
Who could imagine that a technology which has been widely in use by military for aerial surveillance- the drones equipped with camera will be seen on weddings too. A surefire way to capture pictures with precision.

2. Photo Booths

baraat photography 2.jpg
Besides lots of customs practiced in Baraat event, having a few activities is good way to entertain guests. What could be a better option apart from photo booth with fun props is a good source of entertainment not only for the guests but the couple as well. You would never get tired of looking to these fun photographs captured on your Baraat!

3. Stop-Motion Wedding Photo Film

slow motion baraat photography.png
These are neither films nor still images, but fun and entertaining way to tell the story of your day. These are the moving pictures- a blend of stop-motion animation with time-lapse photography. It covers or summarizes, to be more appropriate, the whole day from dawn to when you leave the reception: everything picture is combined into a short film that you will want to share and want to watch again and again!

4. Bridal Portraits

baraat photography 3.jpg
After all the fun and celebrations, the most important thing for a bride is capturing some incredible portraits. Forget those traditional portraits and pick some styles that reflect your love! Either you choose overhead portraits or in a scenic landscape; this is what you are going to love forever.

5. Black & White Photos

baraat photography 5.jpg
When it is popular to hold vintage themed Baraat, why not capture these moments in vintage inspired black and white photos? This idea gives a new meaning to your Baraat photos; aesthetic pictures with a throw-back style.
What is your favorite photo style? If you want to add to this list let us know in the comment section.
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