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5 Diamond Cuts That Will Dazzle Your Wedding Day

October 16, 2017
5 Diamond Cuts That Will Dazzle Your Wedding Day
The cut of the diamond is important when it comes to the sparkle and fire level for your ring. There are several other alternative cuts that might be your perfect match that you aren’t aware of yet. Browse with us to see which cut aligns with your personal style!

Rose Cut


Dating back to the 1500s, this vintage style cut has a flat base with dome shaped crowns depicting a blooming flower. This cut was hugely popular during the Victorian era and strikes right out among the sea of other cuts, giving a subtle, romantic appeal to its audience.

Lucida Cut


Named after a star, this cut was designed exclusively by Tiffany and Co. in 1999. Lucida is available in both square and rectangle shapes consisting of step cuts and facets that will sparkle the life out of it on your big day!

Hearts on Fire Cut


This particular cut is done under a 100x magnification to achieve perfect alignment and symmetry. Its eight heart shaped patterns are completely visible within the facets and is available in round and square shaped diamonds.

Cushion Cut


This cut was originally designed to reflect candlelight back in the 1800s when electric lights were still a fascinating dream. This vintage style cut identifies a pillow-y silhouette with graceful corners that the makers were able to achieve without modern tools.

Ashoka Cut


A rare cut, offered by only a handful of jewelers, but nonetheless very distinguishable. It has an elongated shape with 62 facets, and rounded on the corners which separates it from the rest of the cuts.

Diamonds sure are a girl’s best friend as they help express their style in a very unique way. Every cut is designed to give it more sparkle so it definitely makes it the first choice of every bride. Would you go for these unique cuts for your wedding ring?