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10 Wedding Trends We Hope Emerge Big In 2018

March 20, 2018
10 Wedding Trends We Hope Emerge Big In 2018

Weddings in Pakistan are slowly undergoing some very positive changes. Instead of showing off wealth and overdoing it, they are genuinely becoming about celebrating the new bond and having a good time with the people you love. With several changes on the board, here are some of the trends that we hope emerge in 2018.

Going Minimal

A big fat wedding with so many guests that you don’t even recognize half of them. This trend is changing and we hope to see a more minimalist side of tying the knot; the couple surrounded by close people and a light, minimalist décor that does not look very extra. 


RSVP Please!

This trend needs to be implemented asap! We adopt so many traditions from the west, why not go with something that actually saves money and a lot of hassle. The concept of rsvp makes things so much easier and organized for the hosts and considering the large weddings that we have here, it could really help all of us.


Weddings Without a Stage

Let’s go stage-less from now on! It has been a long repeated tradition that the bride and groom just sit on the stage while people come up and take pictures with them. Go stage-less and there’s a more chance of interaction without any hassle. The bride and groom too won’t have to pretend to be mannequins.


Combined Functions and Split Budget

Desi weddings extend to over a week which means it’s an entire week of fun, but that also means spending a lot of money. Ditch a single event and combine two together e.g. a Shendi, a combination of Shadi and Mehndi. Moreover, it’s time that the bride and groom split the wedding budget instead of burdening one side only. It would help ease the burden on the parents and planning everything together will be more fun.

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Gifting and Charity

We need to completely put off the concept of dowry in the current times. They might call it ‘gifts out of happiness’ nowadays, but the base remains the same. Many couples are going with giving away their gift money to charity which is a great way to start off life. Let’s hope this trend gains momentum!


Multicultural Traditions

We are so caught up in our own circles that it becomes difficult for us to accept anything that is a little different from us or our surroundings. Wedding traditions from around our country are so differently creative that implementing them in our wedding would not only be fun but also help us learn about other parts and cultures of the country. 


Pastel Hues and Toned Down Colours

Pastel hues send such a calm message and we love how the brides are going for them instead of bright colours. Weddings have always been about vibrant colours, from dress to décor, but they somehow clash with the each other. We hope that the weddings come up with a colour scheme that pleases the eye.


Weddings are a great way to bring change among the society. Let’s hope the future trends are positive and add a good flair to the biggest event of your life!